Simple and elegant, the Chemex puts you in complete control of the brewing process.


Make sure to put your phone on "Do not disturb" mode to enjoy the moment.

While we're using the Chemex in this guide, the same recipe could also apply to other pour-over devices such as the Hario, Klita and others.

What you'll need
  • Chemex
  • 1 paper filter
  • 32gr fresh coffee
  • 512 gr filtered water just off boil
  • Kitchen scale
  • Coffee Grinder
Coffee-to-water ratio

We recommend starting with a 1:16 ratio of coffee to water. So for every 1 gram of coffee, add 16 grams of water. Experiment from there to find the perfect ratio for you

Step 1: Rinse filter

Unfold your filter and place it into your Chemex, assuring the triple-fold portion is facing the pour spout and lays across it without obstructing it. Insert filter and rinse with hot water to remove paper residue and pre-heat vessels. Discard water.

Step 2: Add coffee

Add 32 grams of medium carouse freshly ground coffee and give it a gentle shake.

Step 3: Initial pour

Starting at the bed’s center, gently pour twice the amount of water that you have coffee into your grounds – for example, 64 grams of water for 32 grams of coffee. Work your way outward gently, and avoid pouring down the sides of the filter. Allow the coffee to expand, or “bloom” for between 30 and 45 seconds. A solid bloom will ensure even water dispersion – and a delicious cup later on.

Step 4: Add more water

Gradually pour the remaining water in circular motions into the center of the grounds until all have been added.

Step 5: Enjoy

Enjoy your delicious cup of coffee.

Brewing tips

Timing is important. Brewing too quickly won't fully extract the coffee grounds, making the coffee taste weak. Brewing too slowly will cause over-extraction and taste bitter. The 3-4 minute mark is just right.

To troubleshoot brew times under 2:30, try a finer grind size and pour more slowly.

To troubleshoot brew times over 3:00, try a courser grind and pour more rapidly. You can also try one circular stir around the edge to dislodge any blockages.

The ideal water temperature is around 94-96 C, which you can achieve by bringing the water to a boil and then letting it sit for one minute. Boiling-hot water can scorch the coffee, while tepid water will under extract.

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