We found hygge in Hungary

Hi. My name is Anett. I work as a Barista in Budapest and I love coffee.

Just recently I discovered Budapest’s newest third-wave cafe, BeoPlay. The speciality of the place is the fact that it’s not only a good-quality coffee house but also a showroom for Bang & Olufsen, motorcycle exhibition and the perfect place a start-up to have a meeting at. Isn’t it awesome?

The core of this place is HYGGE, a danish expression, which means the moment when everything calms down and you live the perfect imperfection of life. Supposedly it helps to survive those darkest days for danish people. Isn't it true?

We couldn’t find a better place for this in Budapest, because BeoPlay is absolutely perfect to relax next to the foosball table after a long long meeting or have an iced coffee with friends at the shady terrace. Don't even get me started with the gorgeous speakers and motorcycles ...


A few words about cafe itself.. The baristas can be familia from another amazing coffee place called My Little Melbourne. Excellent quality coffee, delicious cakes and sandwiches - these are what we expect from a danish designed cafe. We have a crush on this place, eventually it is one of the best cafes at Budapest, not only because of the coffee but the familiar feeling of the place.

Writen by: Anett Pósafalvi photos: Marton Tordai


  • Andreeas

    Wow, look amazing, totally on my checklist next time I am in Budapest!

  • Caspar

    Gonna check that out if I’m ever in Budapest!

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