Featured rosater, August 2020: The Coffee Collective – Bean Bros.

Featured rosater, August 2020: The Coffee Collective

The dream that drives The Coffee Collective is to explore and unfold exceptional coffee experiences in a manner that gives better living conditions to coffee farmers across the globe. And we are very proud to have their coffees in our boxes for every BeanBros member.

Sign up for the Bean Bros guest subscription to receive a box of freshly roasted coffee by The Coffee Collective. Make sure to choose the two or 3 bag options to get the full experience. 

Coffees included in our August 2020 subscription box: 

Kieni, Kenya - Washed
Juicy acidity and intense sweetness. Full-bodied but refreshing and floral with complex aromas of blackcurrant, blueberry, and rhubarb

Kirite, Ethiopia - Washed
A very complex coffee. Light with delicate acidity and aromas of flowers, bergamot, and peach.

Buku, Ethiopia - Washed
Balanced and smooth with a delicate acidity. The aroma of peach, citrus fruit, and bergamot.

The Coffee Collective featured roaster - Bean Bros

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