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Love Coffee Roasters in September

On a mission to find our next featured roaster 😉 

Last week Bean Bros was on a mission. We completed it successfully and came back from Sweden with Love. After having been to Budapest's Casino Mocca last month, the journey for our next coffee box brought us to Lund where we had a great time tasting the selection we picked the coffees from. Daniel Remheden, who founded Love Coffee 17 years ago, and his team have built a lovely cafe as well as a reputation for being true coffee enthusiasts, finding and highlighting flavors and thus letting their coffees shine. We've selected a fresh and seasonal lineup for our subscribers that will be well received by our global members. 

Last day to sign up to receive Love Coffee: 31st of August. 

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Jennifer Whitfield

hi I could use some help. I’m having a hard time with the love coffee Yirgacheffe, Biloya. It has a really strong smell and taste thats difficult to describe but its not good. I’m sure its likely a personal taste, just as I know how delicious some people find goat cheese I can never get past the goat feet smell. Anyway, I wonder if my areopress method is partyly to blame. Or the water not hot enough? I usually use boiled water cooled down by pouring it first into a mug and then another mug and then into the areopress. Water is filtered and has no smell. Water is quite soft. I use two filters in my aeropress as my grinder is a Baratza Sette which doesnt grind that fine. Do you think this is something I am doing or is it most likely the personality of the coffee? Its really off putting!

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