No more drinking from paper cups here's the Frank Green reusable cup

Bean bros X Frank Green

No more drinking from paper cups necessary. We stocked up on Frank Green cups.

Brew yourself a nice cup of specialty coffee from our featured roasters and take that coffee with you.
These cups replace your need for paper cups as they are reusable and have the added bonus of being leak proof. You can just toss it into your backpack or handbag and get going. While the original line isn’t designed to be thermal cups (and we don’t recommend drinking your coffee six hours after brewing anyway), the new stainless steel line is keeping your coffee hot and your iced brew cold. Both versions are not only stylish but also practical as you can easily clean all parts and drink from it only using one hand. We love these cups and want to share those with you.

Head over to our shop to either get yourself an original reusable or the new stainless steel cup in various color variations.

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