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Summer AeroPress with Alvin: Iced Tonic + “Aerochilled” Coffee

Summer weather is finally here, and that means it’s time to beat the heat with some delicious ice cold coffees!

Prismo Iced Tonic Recipe: Bean Bros - specialty coffee

There are many ways to make a cold, refreshing iced coffee beverage. Here, I will explain and include two of my personal favourites, both of which utilize the Aeropress (AP). Below, are easy to follow recipes for my Prismo Iced Tonic, and Flash Iced Aeropress which I’ve nicknamed “Aerochilled Coffee”.

Many of you who’ve had espresso tonics in cafés before can easily create a similar drink at home just using an Aeropress and the Fellow Prismo attachment. Here’s my version:

Prismo Iced Tonic Recipe:

Non-inverted, install Prismo attachment to AP
Ready a small glass to brew Prismo’d coffee into
Ready another tall glass having 350-400g capacity, pour in tonic water + ice cubes ~230-240g in total
Use 20g freshly ground coffee, as close to espresso grind as possible, transfer into AP
Pour 50g just off the boil brew water into AP (yes you want it that hot, trust me!)
Stir, stir, stir quickly for 20-30s making sure all the grounds are saturated
At 1:00 insert AP plunger and press hard 10-20s until you’ve pressed all the way
Finally, pour the Prismo’d brew into the other glass with tonic + ice, garnish with some lemon, lime or whatever you fancy, mix and enjoy!
“Aerochilled Coffee” is a quick and easy flash iced coffee drink that retains the origin notes of your coffees. This concept and recipe can also be used with normal pour over methods with a few minor modifications. A light roasted coffee that is sweet and bright works really well here.

Prismo Iced Tonic Recipe - Bean Bros

“Aerochilled Coffee” Recipe:

Inverted AP, rinse paper filter and cap
1:16 ratio, medium fine grind coffee
Divide your total brew water as one-half ~93C brew water & one-half ice cubes. Larger ice cubes are preferred so they don’t melt as quickly (Note: the weight of the ice cubes don’t need to be exact). << Adjust brew water temp and/or grind size according to coffee used >>
Pour in brew water and stir gently 30-40s
At 1:10, cap & flip AP directly onto the server with ice cubes
Press slowly ~30s
Swirl and serve

“Aerochilled Coffee” Recipe - Bean Bros

I hope you will enjoy these two recipes to keep you cool in the summer heat. Feel free to experiment and personalize them to your own preference. Cheers!

Article by: Alvin Cheng

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