Featured roaster in May: Shokunin Coffee Collective

Bean Bros - Featuring Shokunin Coffee Collective

Bean Bros is going abroad, we are leaving Scandinavia and heading towards The Netherlands for our next featured roaster.

Jelle van Rossum is the man behind Shokunin, a micro roastery in Rotterdam. He has dedicated his work to be both artisanal and beneficiary to society, we truly love this mindset. So in May we not only feature a very talented coffee enthusiast but also super interesting coffee. a first for us. One of the coffees we will have is coffee from Myanmar, how exciting is that?!

Our aim is to both feature well established, fantastic roasters we all want to have coffee from but also new or not-yet as well-known roasters from all around Europe, small micro roasteries we believe to be unique and skilled in their profession, resulting in a coffee drinking experience that enables us to fully get into the moment and enjoy a cup of great coffee.

With Shokunin we are happy to present and feature both a new roaster and exciting coffee.