KONO Dripper

Alert, coffee enthusiasts! The Kono dripper is here, and it will be a serious game changer for your coffee experiments. Made in Japan, and designed by the second president of Kono Coffee Syphon Company, the dripper deserves its high rank among other coffee brewers. You will never taste coffee the same way again.

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Key features of the Kono

This great dripper made in Japan took the company about 5 years to develop, and it shows in the final product. The company was founded by Akira Kono, the second president designed the firstKono dripper, while the third president of the company went on to adapt this design for home use creating the “Drip Meijin". Its key features and details include:

1) grooves in the bottom half of the dripper that make the filter sit just tight enough for an improved airflow and reduced sediment, resulting in creating a final product full of the flavors hidden in your beans,

2) a unique shape that ensures the water spreads evenly on the paper,

3) excellent design that ensures drip at a steady speed, making your drink nothing short of perfection.

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