The team

Meet our passionate team around the globe that brings you all the best coffees every month.


I'm Alvin (@alcheng88)
and I live in Hong Kong. I'm a manual brew enthusiast who loves Nordic / light roast coffees. I like brewing and experimenting with various devices, but my favourite is the Aeropress. Having a high tolerance to caffeine lets me enjoy coffees for their unique tastes and aromas due to their different origins and processing methods. I prefer sweet, fruity and complex coffees... Coffee is a fruit after all! 

I´m Bo (@bonyborg)
and I live in Oslo, surrounded by some of the best roasters in the world. I had my first cup of coffee at the age of two and I´ve been in love with this beautiful drink ever since. I have never worked in the industry but I´m very passionate about coffee. Geishas and natural Ethiopians are my favourites.


I'm Tobias (@tbsnstpny)
from Berlin. As a coffee enthusiast I love brewing lots of delicious filter coffees on various brewers or finetuning recipes on my espresso machine. Sweet and fruity coffees are my favorites. Washed is my preference but a great natural is a joy as well, I love both as long as the roast is light so that the complexity of the fruit and all the flavor notes can fully unfold in the cup

I´m Viktor (@wiiiiktor)
a great Coffee Enthusiast from the Nordic light roast capital, Copenhagen. On a journey of making Speciality Coffee accessible for everyone.


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