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April Drip Pack - Travel kit - Ethiopia

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Boji - Ethiopia Drip Pack Coffee from April Coffee.

As Bean Bros. we believe that coffee is an important part of our life, we spend our time to innovate and provide the best coffee. Not only the freshness and quality coffee overall, but we also tend to cater to the best way of coffee experiences.

We are gladly introducing our new drip pack coffee as an easy fix for coffee enthusiasts who are busy traveling and commuting. This travel-friendly pack consists of 10 single use bags of the best coffee that enable your adventure whenever you want. A lightweight coffee pack that makes it possible to carry wherever you go. Just add water and enjoy a cup of good coffee. 

Grab it now and find your own journey with us!

Location: Kochere
Process Station: Boji
Varietal: Native Heirloom
Processing Method: Washed
Harvest: January - February 2019
Flavour Notes: Sweet Lemon, Jasmine & Nectarine