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April Pour Over Brewer Kit

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 The April Pour-Over Brewer kit is now available

This brand new pour-over brewer's first version was tested at the World Brewers Championship 2019. It generated the highest-scoring cup. Now the third and final version of the brewer is finally available.

The flatbed brewer was designed to achieve a faster flow rate, which allows a cleaner taste profile than an ordinary coffee brewer.

The Collection

The April Pour-Over Brewer Kit comes with a custom-designed saucer and cup that you can brew coffee into. With the cup comes a lid to improve the aroma experience. It also allows you to keep temperature stability.

The Pour Over Brewer

The Pour Over Brewer is a unique flatbed brewer with a custom-designed bottom that allows unique water flow.

The brewer creates a sweeter taste experience in all temperatures and generates a high flavor quality. 

The Kit:

- Dripper
- Cup
- Lipd
- Saucer
- Brew Guide