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April Pour Over Brewer Kit

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The April Pour-Over Brewer kit


We were thrilled when April Coffee Roasters set up their shop in Copenhagen in early 2020. And now we are even more excited to bring a piece of April's exceptional coffee equipment into your homes. Introducing April Pour-Over Brewer Kit!

Brewing your coffee at home is a unique experience that many of us see as an integral part of our day. And April Coffee Roasters gave us the best equipment to do so. The April Pour-Over Brewer has been designed by professionals and redefined in Copenhagen for your home.

The April Brewer project has been long in the making, but it can now finally reach also your home coffee setup. The perfect ceramic cup that your coffee can be brewed directly into through the perfectly shaped dripper and custom-designed saucer is what any coffee enthusiast dreams of.

Brewing your coffee with this kit with a custom design allows unique water flow and results in a perfect cup of your favourite roast. Full body, enhanced taste and improved aroma experience. 

The air pockets on the sides of the brewer secure consistent brewing each time. Moreover, thanks to the added lid you can regulate the temperature of your coffee as well as trap the aroma for longer, to enjoy your coffee even on your busiest day.

This design was tested in the World Brewer Cup 2019 and on top of scoring the highest scores in the competition, it earned a silver medal for April Coffee Roasters. So don't hesitate and get yourself this amazing Brewer Kit consisting of one-of-a-kind ceramic dripper, cup, saucer and lid, and, to top things off, even a brewing guide by April Coffee Roasters.

  • Material: Thin ceramic clay
  • Style: Flatbed
  • Paper filter: Kalita 185 or other flatbed filters

What coffee roast is the best for home brewing on April Pour-Over Brewer?

April Coffee Roasters are one of the best roasters in Scandinavian and we cannot recommend enough trying their entire selection of pour-over roasts. Finding the perfect roast is very much up to your personal preference. 

We would highly suggest this Volcan Azul filter roast or the Guji Ethiopia.

But if you are just starting with home brewing, another amazing thing about April is that they will never leave you to wander blindly. Just stop by their Copenhagen coffee shop and ask for their recommendations. Or hit us up with your questions! We are always thrilled to hear from you and shed a light on your coffee riddles.