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Bean Bros Special - Gesha Village Lot82 - Cupping Room

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We are excited to release this year first Geisha Village coffees starting with the amazing Competition Series LOT #82. 

HARVEST: December 28, 2018 - January 3, 2019
PRODUCER: Adam Overton & Rachel Samuel
REGION: Surma, Gesha
ORIGIN: Ethiopia
ALTITUDE: 1,931-2,049m
VARIETIES: Gesha 1931 (G31)
PROCESS: Natural
FLAVOURS: Strawberry, red grape, watermelon

Roasting: 15.05.2019, Hong Kong - Cupping room
Shipping: 19.05.2019
Size: 100gr
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Gesha Village is a 471-hectare coffee farm in Gesha, Ethiopia, with an astonishing elevation of 1,909-2,069 masl. This estate is divided into eight "blocks" for added transparency and traceability of terroir, where three different gesha varieties are planted and harvested. Each block has its own micro-climate and soil conditions, which result in the coffees developing unique characteristics specific to each block.

This particular lot is the Gesha 1931 (G31) variety, grown in Surma Block. Featuring breathtaking views of the valley below, this farm block is named after the pastoralist ethnic group, the Surma, who inhabit the lowlands towards the southwest. The expected flavour profile of this block includes rose, strawberries, red apple, and delicate spice.

For this particular lot, you will find wonderful strawberries, red grape, and watermelon. Delicate and wonderfully clean naturally processed coffee. Our second Surma lot from this year's harvest. Please enjoy!