Bean Bros Welcome Kit - Pro ( Manual)



Essential Tools and Ingredients for a Delightful Morning

Subscribe to Bean Bros, and we send the world’s finest coffees. When you purchase a three-month coffee subscription, we’ll treat you to discounted brew tools.

Why choose our welcome kit? 

Three bags of whole bean specialty coffee shipped monthly
Try our most loved single origin specialty coffee selection for filter brewing.
The first shipment is on us! 

Exclusive content and brewing tips
Learn tips and tricks from our brewing masters

This pack includes:

- 3 month of Bean Bros Subscription. In total 3 bags (250gr each) from 3 selected specialty coffee roasters. (Value: 57€)

- Glass coffee server with cover, 600ml (Value: 22€)

- Hario V60 Pour Power dripper 02 + 100pcs filter (Value: 16€)

- Stagg Pour - Over Kettle, Matte Black (Value: 88€)

- Comandante C40 MK3 Nitro Blade - Hand Grinder (Value: 235€)

- Acaia Pearl - Smart Scale (Value 159€)



Order before December 31st to get your coffee box in January. Fast Worldwide delivery.