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The specialty coffee experience for those who love the convenience of Nespresso machines

If you can’t get enough of your Nespresso machine but want the full, specialty coffee experience, try out the April Specialty Coffee Capsules. 

These capsules provide you with some of the best coffee flavours on the market only this time, with the added convenience of them being packed into coffee capsules. 

And, don’t go thinking that a capsule compromises on flavour. April put in the time to experiment, exploring how they could pack expertly-crafted flavours into a coffee which is so easy to make. 

  • Compatible with all Nespresso machines

  • Each pod delivers origin characteristics - you can tell exactly where the coffee beans are from

  • Fresh and vibrant flavours

  • 10 capsules per pack


What is the Bean Bros brewing advice for using the capsules?

We recommend that you use bottled or filtered water. This means that the water doesn’t impact the flavour of your final cup of coffee. 

We’ve also focused on pulling ‘short’ extractions of capsule coffee. As a result, the capsule will taste best with a volume of between 30-32g in the cup. Make sure you stir the coffee before you taste it and try it at multiple temperatures for the full taste experience.

Where are the coffee capsules made?

The coffee beans are specially selected by April then roasted and made into capsules in our hometown of Copenhagen. This means April gets complete control over how the coffee is processed so that you end up with the perfect cup of coffee.