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El Obraje Gesha - Bean Bros Exclusive

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El Obraje Gesha - Colombia
In Collaboration with Solberg & Hansen

Available for orders: 21-08 - Friday 12:00 CEST (Limited availability)

We are excited to be able to present to you this exceptional coffee in collaboration with Solberg and Hansen- A washes processed Gesha varietal, produced by Pablo Andres Guerrero on his farm El Obraje located in the Narino department of Colombia. This coffee combines the best of variety, terroir, farm management, and processing to deliver a seriously delicious cup of coffee. 

Overall, we think Pablo has done an amazing job producing this coffee. As soon as we tasted this coffee we knew we had to have some to roast for you!

Origin: Colombia
Region: Marino
Producer: Pablo Andres Guerrero
Variety: Geisha
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2200 masl
Roasting: End of August - Shipping first week of September
Weight: 125gr roasted whole bean coffee

You can expect floral and fruity notes from this coffee. Peach, Orange jasmine, and lemon zest. Citrus fruits in the aroma.