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Friis-Holm Chocolate - Dark Milk 55%

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Dark Milk 55% Milk Chocolate

Specially selected beans from small Nicaraguan growers.

Creamy and gentle milk chocolate, caramelized by hazelnut and caramel notes with a long chocolaty finish


Cacao beans, sugar, milk powder, cacao butter. Minimum 55% cacao solids. 
World Chocolate Awards: Gold 2013
100gr Chocolate
Producer: Friis-Holmn Chocolade 4000, Rolskilde Denmark.

Ethics and Quality

Friis-Holm Chocolate is founded on a positive connection between quality and ethics. Their goal is to produce outstanding culinary quality but the road to that goal leads through the people involved in the process.

Since 2003 Mikkel Friis-Holm has been working in close relation to cacao growers and seen the clear proportional connection between production conditions and the quality of the beans. In general, the growing of cacao beans is a sad story of both unfair conditions and poor quality, but this is no law of nature.

Direct Trade. The quality of the raw cacao fruit is essential for the overall expression of good chocolate. Friis-Holm deals with their cacao growers directly at prices, that leaves a good taste in the mouth, and are deeply involved in the fermentation and handling of the raw cacao to achieve the maximum depth, complexity and intensity in the final product.

The cost of the Cacao is high when they buy their materials. Friis-Holm Chocolate work and trade solely with independent growers. They pay far more than the market price and significantly more than the Fairtrade buyers. The price reflects the workmanship and the quality control they get. It is as simple and banal as that – and yet, almost unheard of in the industry.