Geisha Bundle 2x125gr - Bean Bros.
Geisha Bundle - Competition set 2x125gr - Bean Bros.
Geisha Bundle - Competition set 2x125gr - Bean Bros.
Geisha Bundle - Competition set 2x125gr - Bean Bros.
Geisha Bundle 2x125gr - Bean Bros.

Geisha Bundle 2x125gr

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Available from 3rd of April - 12:00 (CEST)

Our latest special release features two stunning coffees. Our unique collaboration with Rasmus, two-time Aeropress champion and national roasting gold medallist and cup taster champion, has brought excellent coffee to coffee lovers worldwide. One of the coffees comes from the famous Café Granja farm Cerro Azul a Washed Gesh, and the second one is grown in Denmark(!) This is the first time a Gesha varietal was successfully grown in the country or the continent.

After blind cupping the freshly harvested coffees, we couldn't believe that coffee could taste this interesting that was growing in not optimal conditions. The result is a clean, balanced, delicate, and light-bodied cup that you can expect from the well-processed Gesha varietal. We believe the combination of the two coffees - Colombian and Danish coffees will give you an exciting chance to try for yourself how these coffees taste from each other.

Weight: 125gr / bag 
Roast profile: Filter
Roasting and Shipping: 12th of April 

Danish Coffee?

''Ramagaard'' is an experimental coffee plantation in a climate-controlled greenhouse in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the aim of elucidating the quality potential of some of the most appreciated and genetically different coffee varietals out there. In this greenhouse, they can ensure perfect environmental circumstances (temperature, CO2, relative humidity, and day length) for each of the varietals that they are working with, and with the development and application of new and innovative agricultural practices, they have come a long way to produce something quite special.

Cultivar & Cultivation:

Green Tip Geisha were grown in 100% coarse sphagnum as potted plants grafted onto dwarfy rootstocks. Produced in climate-controlled greenhouse simulating a 2000 masl Ethiopian climate. Half of the fruit was removed from the trees to facilitate higher sugar content in the remaining fruit (34% Sugar Concentration at Fully Ripe).

Processing: Macerated & Washed
1. Depulped
2. 48 Hours of Cold Maceration
3. Fully & Thoroughly Washed

Café Granja Cerro Azul - Hybrid Washed Gesha

Country: Colombia
Department: Valle del Cauca
Municipality: Trujillo
Farm: Cerro Azul
Altitude: 1700-2000 masl
Cultivar: Geisha
Processing: Hybrid Washed
Taste notes: Jasmine flower, honeydew melon, grapefruit
Harvest: 2021

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I loved my Bean Bros package. Great coffee from great places!! The coffee arrived safely and timely all the way in Maryland, USA. Its so fun to feel connected to multiple parts of the world! I highly recommend using Bean Bros!

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