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Guji - Ethiopia - Natural

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Naturally processed Ethiopian Filter coffee from the Guji region in Ethiopia.

You can expect to find notes of Jasmine & Strawberries with an excellent floral and clean finish. It’s perfect for filter brewing.

This coffee is naturally processed, meaning that drying coffee cherries patios or raised beds in the sun. To prevent the cherries from spoiling, they are raked and turned throughout the day and then covered at night or during rainstorms. This process can take 4-6 weeks. It is a traditional method of processing coffee.. Using this process gives the coffee its beautiful flavor clarity. It’s a satisfying, refreshing cup. 

These beans are from the Guji zone in Ethiopia, one of the most exciting coffee regions in the world. Despite its proximity to neighbouring regions Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, the flavour profiles are distinct, giving complex, yet balanced tastes. Coffee farming also has ancient roots within the culture of the region. Our beans are of the native heirloom varietal and are from several smallholders.  


Naturally processed Ethiopian Filter coffee from the Guji region in Ethiopia.

Location: Guji
Process Station: Buku
Producer: Several Smallholders 
Varietal: Native Heirloom, from several smallholders.
Growing Altitude: 2000 meter
Processing Method: Natural
Harvest: January 2020
Flavour Notes: Jasmine & Strawberries


Ethiopia - the birthplace of coffee! When brewing with coffee beans from this corner of the world, you can expect bright fruited, floral flavours. Ethiopian coffee tends to be higher in acidity too. Because of its complexity, it works brilliantly as a filter coffee.

There are a number of distinct coffee regions in Ethiopia, each of which produces differing taste profiles. Yirgacheffe is a small town in the Sidamo region which consistently produces some of the best coffees the world over. It’s famous for bright coffees which are higher in acidity but have a sweet, fruity flavour. The Guji region is another exciting coffee area, producing sweet floral notes such as jasmine and peach in its coffees. 

Coffee farming and brewing run deep in Ethiopian culture where big events traditionally open with coffee ceremonies. Brewing and sharing coffee acts as a social event, ingrained in how people connect with one another.


For V60

  • 18g of ground coffee to 288g water
  • Medium fine grind
  • 93-95°C brew water
  1. Rinse the filter, throw away the rinse water, and then preheat the brewer and server

  2. Bloom using 1:3 ratio or ~56g water for 35s

  3. -2nd pour using slow and gentle circular pour up to 120g

  4. 3rd pour same up to 200g

  5. 4th final pour same up to 288g

  6. Total brewing time ~2:35-2:45

  7. Adjust grind and water temp depending on coffee type, roast, and your tastes.