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Limited Edition: Hacienda la Esmeralda - Private Collection

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Esmeralda Private Collection is where to look for dependable, consistent Geisha coffee quality. Private Collection lots are made up of a blend of micro-lots from their Geisha producing farms, Jaramillo, Quiel and Cañas Verdes at 1,600 – 1,800 masl. They are selected for the signature taste of high-altitude Geisha coffees.

This coffee is naturally processed that exhibits all the aromas and flavors we love about Geishas from Esmeralda.

Tasting notes
Aroma: blueberry jam, lilac flower, sweet, strawberry candy.
Flavor: agave syrup, strawberry, starfruit, black tea, lilac flower.
Overall: medium sparkling acidity, low in body, medium-high sweetness.

Size: 125gr
Roasting: 19.11.2019
Roaster: Kaffa, Oslo NO

The Famous Esmeralda Geisha

Hacienda La Esmeralda is arguably one of the most famous coffee farm from Panama. The Peterson family shook the coffee world by breaking the world record price for a lot of coffee, composed entirely of a newly re-discovered varietal - Geisha. In the years since, Esmeralda have continued to push boundaries, both for coffee quality and for price. Their yearly auction produces some of the most stunning coffees we have ever tasted, and is renowned for the high prices received, and for the difficulty of securing a specific lot

As seems fitting for a coffee produced at Hacienda La Esmeralda, this lot is 100% Geisha. Although Geisha shot to stardom thanks to Esmeralda in 2004, its story starts much earlier. A native Ethiopian varietal, Geisha was isolated by British researchers in the Gesha region of Ethiopia in the 1930’s, and thereafter studied at research stations in Kenya and Tanzania. It was much later introduced into Panama during an outbreak of leaf rust, due to observed resistance to the disease. The varietal was planted sporadically, blended into lots with other varietals, and mainly forgotten about until the Petersons cupped a small amount separately at their farm in 2004, and from there started the rise of Geisha