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Hario Coffee Brewing Kit -with Wilfa Coffee Grinder, Stagg Kettle + Coffee

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The ultimate starter pack to get you brewing coffee like a pro

Here, we’ve pieced together the essential items needed to make the perfect set for any home baristas or coffee lovers. This Coffee Brewing kit is built on two cult Hario products - the Hario V60 coffee dripper and the Hario server. You won’t find any coffee heads without these pieces in their collection. 

To accompany the Hario products, we’ve also included the Wilfa Svart Electric coffee grinder, the ergonomic kettle by Fellow, and a bunch of filters to get you started. These are all the ingredients you need for an expertly-brewed cup of coffee in your own home. 

To add, we’ve also thrown in a bag of coffee so you can get going straight away. Get your hands on this set for yourself or gift it to someone who’s a barista in the making!

Let’s take a look at each of the products included in this set.

Hario V60 - 02 Ceramic Coffee Dripper in White

The Japanese Hario pour-over dripper is one of those simple but highly-effective products which are a joy to use. The filter method is great fun and allows you to experiment more with your coffee. The grooves inside the dripper help the coffee to brew more evenly. The fact it’s ceramic has an effect too - it warms up and stays the same temperature all the way through the brew. 

With this dripper, you can brew 300-500ml of coffee at a time which makes one or two cups. 

Hario Server V60 - 02

This piece of kit works perfectly with the dripper. Just place the dripper on top and your freshly-brewed coffee will collect in this heat-resistant, Japanese glass. 

The Hario Server also comes with a glass lid coated in silicone which helps keep your coffee hot for a long time after it’s brewed. It’s even microwave safe, just in case you want to warm something up again. It’s a simple but elegant device for brewing and serving your coffee. 

Fellow Stagg Kettle

Just look at how sleek the design of the Fellow Stagg pour-over kettle is. With its matte black exterior and gooseneck spout, the kettle looks stunning. However, the spout isn’t for show - it being this shape gives you extra control when you pour, allowing you to go at exactly the speed you want to everytime. This feature makes it perfect for people who are chasing that perfect cup of coffee. 

There’s also a temperature gauge on top of the lid so you can get the water just right. It’s suitable for gas, electric, and induction hobs so anyone can use them!

Wilfa Svart Aroma Coffee Grinder

Again, the Wilfa Svart Grinder looks smart as well as producing brilliant results too. Wilfa are known for how precise their equipment is, giving a consistent grind quality every time. This machine is no exception. The steel coated conical grinding burrs are what we have to thank for its precision. 

Whatsmore, it’s very easy to use. You can change the grind setting by simply twisting the bean hopper. There are suggestions of which setting you should use marked on the machine. They make the grinder so simple to use, even for beginners. 


Hario V60 - 02 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

  • Conical shape so each layer of coffee grounds are brewed evenly

  • Can choose how you want to pour water - quickly for light flavour or slowly for rich coffee

  • Made from arita-yaki ceramics

  • Capacity of 1-4 cups of coffee

  • Dishwasher OK

  • Made in Japan

Hario Server V60 - 02

  • 700ml capacity

  • Heat-proof glass

  • Glass lid coated in silicone

  • Compatible with other Hario V60 series products

  • Made in Japan

Fellow Stagg Kettle

  • Made from high-grade stainless steel with matte black food safe paint

  • Gooseneck spout for precision pouring

  • Counter weight handle for even more control

  • Temperature gauge in lid

  • Suitable for gas, electric, and induction hobs

Wilfa Svart Aroma Coffee Grinder

  • 250g hopper capacity

  • Steel-coated conical grinding burrs

  • 5 different grind settings, marked on the hopper

  • New DC motor - silent, accurate operation and less residual heat

  • Timer - so you can set the grinder and not worry

  • Hopper and coffee container are UV protected - sunlight never affects the way the coffee tastes

  • Official approval by European Coffee Brewing Center

  • 5-year guarantee

  • 230-240V, EU two pin plug


What else should I purchase to compliment my kit?

As the kit contains filters and even coffee beans, you are ready to go! However, if you’d like to try out some different coffee brewing techniques, you could get your hands on some of the other products we stock here at Bean Bros. For example, some people prefer using a hand grinder over a mechanised one as they enjoy the physicality of it and it tends to be quieter. For this, we can recommend the Comandante C40 MK3 Nitro Blade Grinder. It’s patented stainless steel burrs are unrivaled.

Also, if you would like to take your coffee with you on the move, the Frank Green Reusable Coffee Cups are perfect. These cups are compact and easy to carry with a secure, spill-resistant lid. They also have the ability to keep drinks hot or cold for up to 10 hours! It could be the perfect companion with your coffee brewing kit!

What settings should I use to brew with this method?

To start with, you need to grind your coffee beans. For a V60 dripper, rotate the hopper in your Wilfa Svart grinder so that the red line points towards the first ‘R’ in 'AEROPRESS’. This is what we suggest, but you can experiment with different grind settings as you like. Grind between 18-24g of coffee.

Next, make sure that your coffee filter is damp all over. This means that it will brew much more evenly. Once you’ve put the filter in the top of the dripper, pour in the coffee grinds, making sure to distribute them evenly.

Then, get 300-400ml of water up to 92 to 96 degrees celsius. Slowly pour the water into the dripper with a total brew time should be around two to three minutes. 

You can change this recipe as you wish, experimenting so it suits your tastes perfectly.