Box One: The Holiday Treat – Bean Bros.
Bean Bros.

Box One: The Holiday Treat

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This box features 4 of our specially selected coffees for making your holiday magical.

Bean Bros: Anaerobic processed Castillo Varietal from the El Paraiso farm in Colombia. - (110gr)
Flavour Notes: Ginger, Stone Fruits, Lime

Kaffa:  Hacienda la Esmeralda, Naturally processed Gesha varietal from Panama. Flavour notes: Agave syrup, Strawberry, Starfruit, Black tea, Lilac flower. -(110gr)

Morgon Coffee Roasters: Honey processed Geisha varietal from Costa Rica, Tarrazu
Flavour Notes: Cotton Candy, Jasmine, and Papaya - (110gr)

April Coffee: Anaerobic Processed H1 from Costa Rica - 
Flavour Notes: Cinnamon, Red Grape & Candied Orange -(110gr)

If you're looking for something bigger, check out our Box Two: Extravaganza - that features 6 different coffees.

+ Craft Chocolate pairing: Arhuacos 72% from Colombia.
Aromatic profile: Notes of lime, green grapes, and lemongrass. 
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter. (28 gr) Chocolate Awards - Gold 2015. This box includes one bar, need some more? Add it to your order here

Cacao Hunters focuses on finding cocoa with good genetics, mixing them with rigorous fermentation and drying processes, and then transforming them into chocolate that meets the highest quality standards.