Box Two: Extravaganza – Bean Bros.
Bean Bros.

Box Two: Extravaganza

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This box features 6 of our specially selected coffees for making your holiday magical.

Bean Bros: Anaerobic processed Castillo Varietal from the El Paraiso farm in Colombia. (110gr)
Flavour Notes: Ginger, Stone Fruits, Lime

Kaffa:  Hacienda la Esmeralda, Naturally processed Gesha varietal from Panama. Flavour notes: Agave syrup, Strawberry, Starfruit, Black tea, Lilac flower. 

Morgon Coffee Roasters: Honey processed Geisha varietal from Costa Rica, Tarrazu - (110gr)
Flavour Notes: Cotton Candy, Jasmine, and Papaya 

April Coffee: Anaerobic Processed H1 from Costa Rica - (110gr)
Flavour Notes: Cinnamon, Red Grape & Candied Orange

+ Nomad Coffee: Villa Rosita, Lychee processed Castillo from Colombia
Flavour Notes: Lychee, Maracuya,  Tropical yogurt - (110gr)

+ Friedhats: Potosi Natural X.O. from Cafe Granja La Esperanza - Colombia.
Flavour Notes: Cognac. It is a sweet, smooth and balanced cup! -(110gr)

+ Craft Chocolate pairing: Arhuacos 72% from Colombia.
Aromatic profile: Notes of lime, green grapes, and lemongrass.
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter. (28 gr) Chocolate Awards - Gold 2015. This box includes one bar, need some more? Add it to your order here