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Holistik Coffee - Norma Iris Fiallos - A Funky natural from Honduras

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If youʼre like us and love to discover new coffees and roasters you will love what we have planned for this special release.

For our first feature with Holistik, weʼre bringing you something very unique, something weʼve never featured before. Itʼs a coffee from Honduras, from the producer Norma Iris Fiallos and naturally processed with 90 hours of maceration. This is a must-try experience. Such macerated naturals taste so boozy, fermented, and so deeply driven by overripe fruits like nothing else.

You can expect flavor notes of Kiwi, blackberry, sour cherry, custard. It's an overall sweet, complex and unique tasting cup. 


Altitude: 1300 Masl
Owner: Norma Iris Fiallos
Harvest: November - January
Location: Lo Limos, CORQUÍN COPÁN

Roasting: Fresh for order
Each containing 200gr of coffee
Roaster: Holistik Coffee