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Honey Anaerobic - Costa Rica

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Costa Rican Filter coffee from the Vulcan Azul farm in Costa Rica.

Location: Alajuela
Process Station: Volcan Azul
Producer: Alejo Castro 
Varietal: Centroamericano
Growing Altitude: 1200-1600 meter
Processing Method: Honey Anaerobic
Harvest: January 2020
Flavour Notes: Stone Fruit, Florals & Citrus


Costa Rican coffee, believed to be one of the best-tasting coffee flavours in the world, is famous for its light acidity, the result of higher altitudes of coffee plantations. Freshness is the key when tasting Costa Rican coffees, that's why with Bean Bros you can get a fresh batch right after the harvest time which for Costa Rican beans is between December to February.

The round body and light, bright acidity make Costa Rican coffee such a rare, but nonetheless a popular choice. With its delightful intense aroma of brown- sugar, Costa Rican coffee is typical in citric flavours, with notes of tropical fruits, apricots or melon.

The typical processing method for Costa Rica is washed. This method avoids spoilage, common with natural processing, and produces very clean flavour with a lighter body and mild texture. After washing, the beans are typically drum dried, resulting with this coffee variety having inferior flavours, which makes the Costa Rican coffee so invaluable on the market.



AeroPress (inverted; also for cold brew)

- 15g of grounded coffee for 240 ml of water

- pour 45g of water to bloom the coffee 

- stir 4 times and let rest for 30 secs

- pour the rest of the water and steep to 1 min

- stir 4 times to 1.10

- (for cold brew let rest for 12-24 hours) 

- slow press - total brewing time is ~1.40 - 1.50 for regular AeroPress