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Kenya - Gatomboya AA

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Kenya Gatomboya AA Filter and Espresso Specialty Coffee - Bean Bros

Kenya, Gatomboya, filter coffee from the phenomenal AA selection from Karatina town, near the base of the impressive Mount Kenya.
There are many excellent characteristics of this cof- fee, however it is most commonly regarded for its distinct flavour intensity and consistently recurring berry notes.

Bean Bros Coffee Brew Guide

Use a 1:16.1 brew ratio using the V60 brewer or similar for a clean and transparent yet rich brew. When working with our coffee, we recommend experimenting with a coarser grind than you mayusually use rather than a traditionally finer filter grind setting.

We begin our brews with a blooming process, which indicates saturating your dry grounds with brew water, in this case, roughly twice the volume of the dry dose. We are not agitating the grinds but resting the bloom for 40 seconds from the initial pour.

After the bloom stage of the brew is complete
(the 40s), begin to pour once again while agitating the coffee grinds, pouring in clockwise circular motion, and creating turbulence within the brewer. This will help to increase the strength of your brew, and this method pairs well with the coarser grind setting mentioned earlier.

Pour in intervals, with a maximum of 6 pulses per recipe. Calculate the appropriate amount of brew water for each pulse pour for the size of your brew, and maintain consistently timed pours and intervals.

For example, a recipe with an 18g dry dose and 300g of brew water would require pours of 50g of brew water per pulse pour, with an appropriate pulse pour 30 seconds (Bloom, 0:40, 1:10, 1:40, 2:10, 2:40).

Brew with a water temperature at 93’C degrees and attempt to find a water with
a total hardness of around 100 ppm. This should equate to a deliciously juicy and clean cup of coffee, with vibrant acidity as well as a rich sweetness and silken bod