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Mess Mug 03- Aoomi Studio - 2pcs

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Carefully hand-glazed in Silesia, the MESS collection was made of high-fired stoneware ceramics.
Because these are hand-made ceramics there are no two identical products.


  • Stoneware ceramics
  • Capacity: 200 ml
  • Height 70 mm
  • Diameter 80 mm
  • Hand-glazed
  • Perfect for filter and long espresso.
  • Safe for use in a dishwasher and a microwave



When it comes to serving a freshly brewed coffee there are those who just need a vessel that is merely not leaking and those who enjoy the aesthetic experience a cup made by the skillful hands of a ceramicist can be. May it be a unique shape, a silky smooth glaze, vibrant or soft color palettes, patterns or the thickness of the rim, each decision by the makers reflects the creative process they have in mind before and during the making of a cup. Contractual work aside, a specific line of cups (and other ceramics such as plates, bowls, vases or others), in large or limited quantities, speaks the language of design and art. 

We are therefore happy to be partnering with Åoomi Design Studio! Their mission statement is „to give the world a smile through everyday products“ and we couldn’t agree more. The trio met in Art School and their background show in the way they approach their work, merging their talents and vision into creating homeware products with a reference to their Polish heritage. Simply put, we love Åoomi and gladly offer 10% discount for all Bean Bros subscribers!