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Nespresso Compatible Capsule: El Salvador

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Specialty Coffee capsules produced for those who love the convenience of Nespresso machines.

Origin: El Salvador 
Process: Washed processed Bourbon
Farm: San Fransisco, San Antonio
Harvest time: February 2018
Flavor notes: Cocoa, Macadamia & Ripe Cherry

Brewing advice:

For our capsules, we recommend using bottled or filtrated water. Since the water you are using will have an impact on the quality of the flavor in the final cup.

We have been focusing on pulling "short" extractions of capsule coffee. As a result, this capsule will taste the best with a volume of between 30-32g in the cup. Make sure that you stir the beverage properly with a spoon before tasting, and taste the final beverage at multiple temperatures for the full taste experience.
Bean Bros Capsules:

Each month you will receive a box of capsule coffee. The coffee will change with the season and always be representative of the quality focus and seasonality that we strive for.

If you are signed up for the subscription you will be the first one to taste the new coffees, roasted to perfection for capsules, only limited releases, and customized roast versions.

The coffee will be sent out in the first week of every month and the subscription will be automatically renewed every month.