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Symmetry lot - Finca Deborah - Panama Geisha Coffee

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Jamison Savage’s coffees are known across the world as some of the highest quality lots from Panama and been featured in national coffee competitions across the globe in 2019 and 2020.

The ‘Symmetry’ lot was created in collaboration with Project Origin for their ‘CM Selections’ series and highlights the natural terroir of Jamison’s farm, Finca Deborah - Panama Geisha Coffee.

This exceptional, carbonic maceration processed geisha is characterized by notes of strawberry, blood orange, and rose.

This coffee is limited, roasted for order, and shipped fresh from roasting.

(for every order received in March and April, Bean Bros will send drip bag coffees to hospital teams)


Jamison Savage is an expart from the United States who has dedicated the last 10 years to build Finca Deborah in Panama. The farm, located at 1,950m, is one of the highest and more isolated farms in Panama. The entire farm runs on solar power and within a balanced ecosystem, where Jamison believes that coffee trees are at their best when surrounded by the local flora and fauna; pesticides are not used on the farm. This sustainable approach to farming, mixed with advanced technological practices, makes Jamison one of the most impressive coffee producers in the world.

Finca Deborah provides workers with high-quality living quarters, above-average wages, medical care and transport to and from the farm. They are working on including access to education in the near future. Workers are also encouraged to grow fruit and vegetables on the property – corn, beans, squash, oranges, and papaya. These practices help the farm train and retain the skilled workers it needs while ensuring that the workers are able to pursue their own improvement in their quality of life.

Finca Deborah has always been a destination for refined and high-quality coffees. They received one of their biggest exposures after the World Barista Championship 2017 in Dublin, when Berg Wu won the title using their Geisha washed lot. In 2015-2016 Sasa and Jamison started a project to introduce the Carbonic Maceration process to Morgan Estate lots (a farm Jamison manages) as well as Finca Deborah and the results over the last few years have blown us away.