Steep Shot - The Simple Way To Brew Coffee

While the wheel has already been invented a good while ago and numerous coffee brewing devices have entered (and left) the market, the SteepShot will make its round in the coffee world when it will hit the scene.

Steep Shot - Featured by Bean Bros.

Inventions can be something completely new or improvements of established products. The latter kind either make products better, go/work faster easier or with less time, money or work needed on the input side of things. The SteepShot aims to be Meet Ari Halonen. Hailing from the North of Norway, he now lives in the countryside north of Oslo with his wife Yana and their dogs Hugo and Boss. His years as a coffee professional and/or product developer? None. Yes, that’s right. But Ari had an idea, a moment of clarity when the opportunity came knocking and he opened. In the midst of cleaning a thermos and his Aeropress, he realized the potential of combining both into one brewer and that marked the beginning of his quest to develop a device that uses pressure and a filter, simple as that.

It wasn’t until he walked into Tim Wendelboe’s cafe and had an eye-opening moment of what coffee can be, that it started to increase in meaning to him, that he came to the conclusion of a good cup of coffee not being solely dependent on a masterful technical device but an understanding of the brewing process, meaning time, temperature, grind size and most of all the quality of the beans.

One morning in his kitchen, after seeing his wife using his invention to brew coffee, which she had never done before as she dislikes using ‘lab equipment’, he understood how useful this coffee maker could be for many, so Ari brought his prototype to Mr. Wendelboe and his response gave him the confidence in moving forward with his journey to commercialise SteepShot.


The SteepShot is a tool for separating the coffee from the grounds in a way that is both easy and efficient. Ground coffee goes into the container, boiling water gets poured in and when the lid gets screwed on, the pressure immediately starts building in the brewer.

Turned on its head, the extraction is completed after only 20-30 seconds, the valve gets opened and a fresh brew can be poured into a cup. Who doesn’t love a well-extracted coffee in close to no time? This combination is giving it a great potential for becoming a success.

The fact that Ari has the backing of Tim Wendelboe and Odd-Steinar Tollefsen, world-leading baristas, roasters and successful cafe owners, shows the trust and expectations they have for the SteepShot and the Kickstarter campaign has launched and you can check it out here.


Article by: Tobias Neustupny

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