Experience the legacy of KONO, a brand synonymous with the evolution of coffee brewing since 1925. From Japan to the global stage, KONO's expertly crafted equipment, including the renowned KONO Dripper, has been redefining the art of coffee. Join the journey of exquisite taste and innovation with KONO.

Limited Edition

The Kono Meimon Dripper in Limited Edition colors are an excellent way to brew a nice cup of coffee. It has a unique conical design that allows for even extraction of your coffee. It also provides a sweet brew with medium acidity. The dripper is also known to produce a quicker brew time.

Kono - Filter Coffee Dripper - Cherry Pink - Bean Bros.
Kono Coffee Sets

Included in the set is a sample of the custom-designed filter paper which recreates the shape of the cone dripper, allowing the coffee to drip through a single central point. Combined with the dripper, the resulting coffee is nothing short of perfection!

KONO Meimon Coffee Dripper Set - Black - Bean Bros.
Kono Meimon Classic

The Kono Meimon dripper can produce a good brew for any coffee lover. It also has a unique paper filter that enables a more thorough extraction. It also has a specially designed spout, which allows for a faster flow rate. The Kono Meimon Dripper is designed to fit either a size 2 or 4 paper filter.

Kono Meimon - Filter Coffee Dripper - Black - Bean Bros.

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KONO: A Legacy of Coffee Excellence

KONO, or Kono Coffee syphon company, is one of the oldest coffee equipment brands of Japan, was founded in 1925. The founder, Akira Kono, set the stage for the brand's enduring legacy by producing the first coffee syphon after extensive research. Over the years, KONO has continued to innovate, with its second president designing the cone-shaped dripper, a pivotal development in the brand's history. This design was further adapted for home use by the third president, culminating in the creation of the "Drip Meijin."

The Kōno Dripper: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

One of the key products in the KONO brand is the KONO Dripper. Recognized for its game-changing impact on coffee brewing, the KONO Dripper is celebrated for its distinctive design and functionality. Crafted in Japan, it's a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. The dripper's design ensures an even distribution of water over the coffee grounds, promoting a consistently perfect cup of coffee. Its high-quality material and ease of use make it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.

KONO Meimon Dripper: A Barista's Delight

The KONO Meimon Dripper, another flagship product, is highly favored in Japan by both home brewers and professional baristas. The distinctive conical shape and specially designed grooves ensure a snug filter fit, improved airflow, reduced sediment, and enhancing the coffee's body and richness. This dripper is a favorite among professionals for its ability to consistently produce a deeply aromatic and fuller flavored coffee. It is designed for those who appreciate the rich and comforting aroma of filter-dripped coffee.

Versatility in Design and Function

KONO products are available in various models, sizes, colors and material, catering to different needs and preferences. For instance, the KONO Meimon 2 person coffee dripper set includes a glass coffee pot that can make two cups of coffee, a measuring spoon, and filter paper. The set is ideal for those starting out with filtered coffee.

Commitment to Quality Beans

In addition to the quality of their coffee equipment, KONO is also known for its excellent roasted beans. The brand's commitment to quality in both equipment and coffee beans underlines its status as a leader in the coffee industry. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design makes KONO a noteworthy brand for anyone interested in the art of coffee brewing.

Catering to Professionals and Casual Drinkers Alike

Whether you're a professional barista or simply enjoy a good cup of coffee at home, KONO's range of products offers something for everyone. Each item is designed to enhance the coffee brewing experience, promising perfection in every cup and inviting users to partake in the artful journey of coffee brewing.

In summary, KONO Coffee Syphon Company 's legacy is built on a foundation of innovation, quality, and a deep respect for the art of coffee brewing. From its inception to its current range of products, Kono Coffee Shyphon company continues to be a beacon for coffee makers and enthusiasts around the globe.