Hario V60 Brew Guide

Brewing method: V60
Water temperature: 93 degrees Celsius
Dosage: 21 grams 
Grind setting: Medium/fine 
Total brew time: 2:30-2:40 minutes 
Total brew weight: 350g

Hario V60 Brew Guide - Bean Bros

  1. Set up your V60 on your brew scale ready to go with the filter in place. To prevent your brew tasting like paper - wet your filter by gently pouring some pre-heated water over it. Empty the excess water and zero out your scale. Add your ground coffee into the filter.

  2. Allow your ground coffee to release excess carbon dioxide by creating a bloom. Start your timer and gently pour in 40g of water to the ground coffee. Pour in an expanding circular motion working from the center of the coffee bed to the inside edge of the filter. If you pour water over the edge of the filter you’ll dilute your brew. Allow your coffee to bloom for 30 seconds.

  3. Pour in more water up to 170g within 5-10 seconds. Pour steadily and in a similar outwards circular movement as previously. Try not pouring all the way out to the edge of the filter. Yes: We want agitation and turbulence in the coffee bed to promote extraction – but not so much that we create a pathway for water to drill down through or for, conversely, too many fines to be disturbed and settle on top of it, essentially blocking the water flow. After one minute...

  4. Pour in more water up to 250g within 5-10 seconds. Pour gently and evenly with the same circular motion. This time pour out to the inner edge of the filter in order to flatten out the coffee bed beneath and promote even extraction. At one minute and 40 seconds...

  5. Pour in the remaining 100g of water within 5-10 seconds. Pour gently in a circle that starts in the center and moves outward. Don’t pour all the way out to the edge this time.

  6. After 2:30-2:40 minutes all your coffee should have drawn down through the filter. Allow the brew to cool for a few moments. Bust out your best/worst/cleanest coffee cup.. Enjoy!

  7. Speaking directly to the topic of brewing coffee and using our current lineup from our monthly coffee subscriptions as an example. Experimenting with slightly finer or coarser grind settings will highlight different properties of our coffees. It’s quite flexible. A coarser grind will give you a more fruity, acidic cup whilst making the grind finer will open up the sweetness from the processing of the coffee and a fuller sweeter chocolatey-ness (not a word). Our advice is to find balance in flavor, and then throw yourself off it!

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