La Marzocco - Linea Mini - Espresso Coffee Maker - Black - Bean Bros.
La Marzocco - Linea Mini - Espresso Coffee Maker - Black - Bean Bros.
La Marzocco - Linea Mini - Espresso Coffee Maker - Black - Bean Bros.
La Marzocco - Linea Mini - Espresso Coffee Maker - Black - Bean Bros.

La Marzocco - Linea Mini - Espresso Coffee Maker - Black

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The best espresso machine that will fit right into your home

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If you’re tired of making pour over coffee, however delicious it might be, and you want to enjoy a strong morning espresso from the comfort of your home, La Marzocco has the solution. Same as its big sister La Marzocco classic, that has been preparing your morning coffee in your favourite café, La Marzocco Linea Mini can make espresso just as rich in flavours and with a wonderful aroma.

This unique espresso machine maintains the original design by the company from the  1970s and, same as the rest of the La Marzocco product line, it’s hand-made, constructed with an attention on durability and design of each compound. 

The semi-automatic paddle is inspired by the paddle used in La Marzocco Classic, and therefore provides the same level of quality and precision. 

It’s operated by a simple start/stop motion of the paddle that is albeit with an electronic pre-infusion. Moreover, the Linea Mini comes with dual boilers and an integrated brew group that allows the machine to achieve the temperature stability and energy efficiency in a reduced footprint, to deliver that perfect shot of espresso for you each time.

What makes this espresso machine uniquely fitting for home use is the built-in 2.5 liter water tank, thanks to which plumbing is optional. So you don’t have to get into the home renovation just to have a sip of your favourite espresso.

If you order La Marzocco Linea Mini, with Bean Bros you can have your espresso machine at your door within 2-3 weeks, wherever you are. We guarantee worldwide delivery on all of our products.

Except the radiant design in 4 different classic colours, Linea Mini comes with a number of exciting features. From the semi-automatic paddle, to a powerful steamer that heats up the milk within seconds, built-in barista light that makes coffee preparation even easier for you and a temperature adjustment that lets you optimize each espresso you brew. 

There’s nothing the Linea Mini couldn’t do, the only thing left for you to do is clear out a space for her in your kitchen. 

We gift you 2 kg of our finest Bean Bros espresso beans with each purchase.



Height (cm/in) 37,7 / 15
Width (cm/in) 35,7 / 14
Depth (cm/in) 45,3 / 18
Weight (kg/lbs) 30 / 66
Voltage (VAC) 220-240V Single Phase
115V Single Phase
Wattage Elements
1820 (220-240V)
1620 (115V)
Coffee Boiler Capacity (liters)
Steam Boiler Capacity (liters)


Water reservoir

An integrated 2.5-litre water tank makes plumbing optional.




What is included in the full package from Bean Bros?

  • COFFEE GIFT : 1 kgs of Bean Bros Espresso Coffee
  • Portafilter Baskets: 7 gram, 14, gram, 17 gram, 21 gram, Blind
  • Standard European La Marzocco Convex Tamper
  • Installation Guide/ User Guide
  • Double Spouted Portafilter
  • Purocaf Cleaning Solution
  • 12 oz Pitcher


Need a grinder with your espresso machine: Try the Wilfa Uniform grinder or the Eurkea Nadir.

How to maintain my La Marzocco Linea Mini?

First and foremost, the water you're using makes all the difference not only to the taste of your coffee, but also to the lifespan of your coffee maker. Make sure to check the specifications for the Linea Mini water usage.

Beyond that, it's fairly easy to maintain any of the La Marzocco coffee machines. The recommended frequency for a thorough clean up is once a week and you'll only need a specific detergent for your machine, which you'll use to backflush the machine and clean the external components by hand. 

For more information have a look at La Marzocco instructional video


We ship freshly roasted speciality coffee worldwide. 

Join the group of coffee lovers enjoying our roast every month. 

You can try our Guest Roaster Subscription or browse our seasonal specialty coffee selection.

What our customers say


Always excellent coffee and great service. The luxury of receiving wonderful new tastes every month is priceless!

Torben Andersen
Review from FB

Bean Bros.' monthly selection of beans results in the best taste + quality of coffee one can drink. They are doing an amazing work!

Sylva Bocsa
Review from FB

I really loved my Bean Bros package. It was carefully wrapped and came all away to Cyprus in great condition.I bought a "Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder - Silver without Scale - WSFB-100S" as a Christmas gift for my brother. I'm sure he will love it. I'd surely recommend your website to a friend.

Stella Panayi
Review from Trustpilot

I had a very positive experience with Bean Bros. They immediately answered on all my questions and the shipping was very fast and the items well packed. The Varia Aku scale is very well made, has simple and fast settings and doesn’t rattle on the drip tray. Highly recommend.

Review from Trustpilot

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