Introducing Huskee: A Vision of Sustainability and Design

Huskee is more than just a brand; it's a movement towards a sustainable future, born from the coffee-growing regions of Yunnan, China. Founded by Saxon Wright, who initially aimed to improve quality and environmental standards in coffee production, Huskee has evolved into a globally recognized design house. The brand's journey began with a simple yet profound objective: to reduce waste, particularly the coffee husk, a byproduct of coffee bean processing.

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A Global Vision for a Waste-Free World

Huskee's vision extends far beyond creating sustainable cups. The brand aspires to be a leading design house that specializes in products and systems contributing to a more sustainable planet. Through sustainable design principles, Huskee aims to build scalable ecosystems that minimize waste, encourage reuse, and facilitate recycling, paving the way for a waste-free world.

Collaborative Efforts Towards Sustainability

Understanding that achieving a waste-free world requires collective action, Huskee collaborates across industries to identify and address areas in need of sustainable solutions. This collaborative spirit has led to the development of a broad range of products beyond cups, including lifeware, homewares, drinkware, and tableware, all designed with sustainability at their core. The introduction of HuskeeRenew and HuskeeSteel ranges marks the beginning of this expansive journey.

Huskee is not just about offering sustainable alternatives; it's about inspiring a global community to embrace a more conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Through innovation, collaboration, and a deep respect for the planet, Huskee is making waste beautiful and transforming the way we think about and interact with our environment.