Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.
Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Bean Bros.

Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Coffee Grinder - Pre Order

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Option-O - LAGOM P64 - Black - Single Dose Coffee Grinder for Filter and Espresso Brewing

Pre order ships in July 2024

The Lagom P64 is an advanced coffee grinder that uses flat burrs and is designed for single-dosing. It is precise, durable, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts. The zero-retention design of this grinder ensures minimal waste, while its commercial-grade components and CNC-machined metal body make it robust and long-lasting. It features high-precision SSP Red Speed burrs, an optimized RPM profile for single-dosing, and a user-friendly interface with stepless grind adjustment. The powerful BLDC motor provides exceptional grinding power, and the grinder is designed to minimize vibration transmission. The Lagom P64 is suitable for various brewing methods such as Espresso, Pour-over, or Aeropress and is an excellent choice for those looking for a premium coffee grinder.


This grinder is built to last for a long time, thanks to its CNC-machined body, P5-grade dual angular contact bearings, and commercial-grade BLDC 300W motor. The motor is coupled to the grinding mechanism via a flexible coupler, which helps minimize vibration transmission. This not only ensures the grinder's longevity but also results in more accurate grinding.


Improved performance of flat burrs in single-dosing mode with custom-made motor driver board and optimized RPM profile. Unique bean feeding design ensures precision.


A large loading funnel allows beans to be loaded easily. An integrated portafilter fork allows for hands-free and direct grinder-to-portafilter grinding experience. The grinding chamber is easy to clean with quick disassembly (under 2 minutes), and returning to the prior grind setting is painless.


The Lagom P64 grinder features an easily adjustable and step-less grind setting that enables you to make extremely fine grind adjustments. This allows you to achieve the perfect grind setting for a range of brewing methods, from French Press to espresso. Additionally, the motor RPM can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. You can load the beans while the motor is running or first load the beans into the grinder and then start the motor. The grind setting on Lagom P64 is easily adjustable and step-less, allowing extremely fine grind adjustments to be made to achieve the perfect grind setting while covering the full grinding range from French Press to espresso. Motor RPM is adjustable based on the user's preference and needs. Beans can be loaded with the motor running or into the grinder first before starting the motor.


A brushless DC (BLDC) motor can offer up to 3 times the output torque compared to an equivalently-rated AC motor. The 300W BLDC motor on the Lagom P64 ensures plentiful grinding power regardless of your preferred roast level and brewing method.


The Lagom P64 is a grinder that boasts precision and accuracy. Each critical component is manufactured to a tolerance of at least ± 0.02mm, ensuring high-quality performance. The grinder features a unique unibody design that minimizes tolerance accumulation, resulting in the highest level of precision. Another benefit of this design is that the alignment is permanent, which means the grinder can be dismantled and reassembled without losing its alignment.


There are three burr sets option available for Lagom P64.

In short, they are all capable of all brewing methods, but some are better at a specific application than others. The SSP Red Speed Burrs are geared towards specialty light & medium roast for both espresso and filter brewing; the Standard Burrs offer the traditional flat burrs flavour profile for espresso.

Burr size: Flat burr 64mm
Grind setting range:
Step-less adjustment
French Press to Espressos
-0.5 to +3.5mm vertical movement
Each line (0.1) moves 0.01mm (10 micron) vertically

Typical dynamic grind retention*
With RDT: <0.1g
Without RDT: <0.2g
*for most beans and use case.

Size and weight
21 × 13 × 38 cm 7.8kgs
8.2 × 5.1 × 15 inch 17.2lbs

Grinding speed: Adjustable RPM, 300-1400 RPM with load

Grinding throughput: 0.8g/sec up to 2.2 g/sec at espresso-setting

Construction Material: 6061-T6 CNC machined and anodized aluminum

Bean loading capacity: Funnel holds up to 40g whole beans
Beans can be fed continuously for large batch-brewing

Motor: 300W Brushless DC motor

Voltage: 100-120V or 220-240V

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects

WHAT IS IN THE BOX? Each LAGOM P64 Grinder will come with:

LAGOM P64 with the burrs of your choice (select during the checkout )

Integrated Portafilter fork (58mm)

58mm dosing funnel

Multipurpose Grind Cup

Power cord (US/Euro/UK/ANZ)

Other included accessories such as dosing cups, WDT tool and RDT for your convenience


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