Tips on brewing our holiday special coffee release - The four Geishas

A simple guideline on how to brew and enjoy your Bean Bros December Special Geisha coffees:

Geisha coffees are quite rare and excellent Geishas even rarer... That said, you should definitely exercise more care when grinding and brewing these exclusive coffees. If the coffee is too fresh off-roast, it will exhibit a harsh taste quality. Geisha coffees are usually best brewed after minimum 10 days post roast, and will get more intense as they rest longer, about 14-20 days post roast.

The grind size should match the brewer you are using and the water should be a good quality filtered or brew water. A good brew temperature I find for Nordic-style roasted coffee such as Geisha, is 93-94C. I would also recommend a starting ratio of 15g coffee to 250g brew water. This allows you more times to fine tune your brew and also lets you enjoy several smaller brews.

After grinding, take the time to smell the Geisha’s dry aroma and try to identify it’s floral, fruity and other notes. After brewing, smell the brew again while taking small sips (more like slurping actually) trying to identify the notes as the coffee’s temperature changes from hot to cool.

Many Geisha coffees will exhibit floral notes like jasmine, orange blossom, lavender, etc Tasting notes are usually very sweet with fruits like mango, pineapple, peach, apricot, cherry, orange, etc easily identifiable. Each Geisha will have its own unique flavour notes depending on origin, processing, and roast.

We hope you enjoy these specially curated coffees. Happy brewing and cheers! 

Alvin Cheng

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