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Varia Evo

The Hybrid Grinder is here

Embark on a Global
Coffee Adventure!

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Varia VS3 Grinder
2nd Generation

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Coffee Subscription Box

Fresh-Roasted Coffee from the best roasters. On Repeat. Never run out of coffee again. A coffee subscription is the easiest way to enjoy fresh, delicious coffee delivered to your door every month.


New Season of Coffees

From the majestic plains of Kenya to the rhythmic heartbeats of Colombia and the vibrant fiestas of Brazil, we're excited to take you on a journey!

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Varia VS3 - Espresso & Filter Grinder

The Second Generation of the popular electric coffee grinder is here.

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Waterproof - Precision - durable body

The perfect countertop coffee scale for home or commercial brewing

Varia AKU Digital Scale - Bean Bros.

Choose the best gear for your home brewing station.

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