KONO Dripper


      Alert, coffee enthusiasts! The Kono dripper is here, and it will be a serious game changer for your coffee experiments. Made in Japan, and designed by the second president of Kono Coffee Syphon Company, the Kono dripper deserves its high rank among other drippers. You will never taste coffee the same way again.

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      If you're like most coffee lovers, you probably have a go-to brewing method that you swear by. But sometimes it's fun to switch things up and try something new - especially when that new method results in even better cups of coffees.

      Brewing has never been easier

      The Kono coffee dripper is made in Japan and is superior in its design and craftsmanship. It's a great brewer to have for anyone who loves coffee, and it would make a perfect gift for any caffeine lover. The dripper is easy to use and produces a great cup of coffee.

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