Arkel Coast - Espresso Machine - Bean Bros.
Arkel Coast - Espresso Machine - Bean Bros.
Arkel Coast - Espresso Machine - Bean Bros.
Arkel Coast - Espresso Machine - Bean Bros.
Arkel Coast - Espresso Machine - Bean Bros.
Arkel Coast - Espresso Machine - Bean Bros.

Arkel Coast - Espresso Machine

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The Arkel Coast Espresso Machine is a compact, cafe-grade machine perfect for ambitious home baristas with limited counter space. With a powerful dual-boiler, pressure profiling, and electronic temperature control, heat up time is reduced to just 3 minutes. Enjoy efficient and fast brewing for the perfect cup every time.

The Coast coffee machine offers precise and stable temperature control. You can easily adjust the brewing temperature with a tap on the front panel. The machine features a PID controller and an electrically boosted saturated brew group that ensure accurate temperature on the puck. 

Additionally, the Coast has a flow control knob that lets you vary the puck pressure during the extraction. This allows you to experiment with different shot styles and flavour profiles. 

The Coast also comes with a large, independent steam boiler that provides you with commercial-grade milk texturing capabilities. It's perfect for preparing milk drinks and improving your latte art skills. 

Finally, the Coast has programmable shot timers that are easy to configure. All you need to do is hold to record and release to save. This feature allows you to set your desired brew recipes with ease.

2-year warranty included

In the box: Stainless steel portafilter (double spout), stainless steel tamper and cleaning acessories.

Chassis material: Stainless steel
Front panel material: Hardened glass
Architecture: Dual-boiler, dual pump
Brew group technology: Electrically boosted saturated group
Flow control (pressure profiling): Yes, manual
Dimensions (in cm): W 378 x H 406 x D404
Weight (kg): 23
Heating time (in min): < 6:00
Boiler volume (litres): 0.7 (Brew) + 1 (Steam)
Boiler material: Stainless steel
Volume water tank (liters): 2.5
Pump pressure (default): 9 Bar
Pump pressure (max): 15 Bar
Adjustable pump pressure (OPV): Yes, next to water tank
Energy saving mode: Yes
Programmable shot dosing: Yes, time-based
Programmable Americano dosing: Yes, time-based
Integrated shot timer: Yes
Pressure gauges: Yes, for brew and steam
Integrated calc filter: Yes (Brita)
Automatic cleaning programs: Yes (cleaning and calc)

The Arkel Coast was engineered to fit smaller counter-tops, this machine boasts two independent and electronically controlled boilers, flow control, and impeccable steam for brewing cafe-grade espresso and milk drinks.


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