Exclusive Coffee Selection For The Holidays

Too good to keep to yourself or even more goodness to keep to yourself. You really cannot lose out and we are happy to help!

Bean Bros Holiday Specials Selection

With Christmas fast approaching we wanted to help you provide the best gifts for friends or family as well as look at ways to treat yourself to even more coffee goodness.
In our time working with the best roasters out there, we have secured an exclusively amazing way to finish the year…the Holiday Special Boxes

We have four exclusive coffees from six different roasters to enjoy over the Christmas period. This includes a special from Kaffa Roastery -  Hacienda la Esmeralda. Other roasters include Morgon, April, Nomad, Friedhats and Bean Bros.

If that isn’t enough or you want the pleasure to last more than only Christmas, why not gift someone you love the best coffee subscription out there. We are offering the opportunity to share coffee every month (1 or 2 bag options) or a subscription plus some essential equipment for those in your life getting started or in need of an upgrade!

Check the webshop for more details and watch out for member-exclusive email offers!

Thank you for your support and for driving us to keep things fresh and fabulous!


Bean Bros Holiday Specials 2019

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