Introducing the Bean Bros Coffee

October marks the start of a special moment for Bean Bros and of course, this means something exciting and tasty for our wonderful subscribers!

Bean Bros Coffee

We have come a long way since we first started providing this coffee service. It has been a great learning experience and also a real pleasure to learn from and work with so many professional partners but also to share coffee of the highest standards with you.

For the first time, we are providing you coffee that we have had a far greater influence over. The beans you have received were selected by us, packaged by us and roasted to our specifications!

Please take some time to read a little about our journey so far and where we would like to take Bean Bros next. If you only want the headline, well quite simply we promise to build on everything we have done so far and continue to share with you the best and most interesting coffee we can find, along with engaging, fun and informative content!

In the beginning…

Bean Bros is now in its fourth year of providing excellent tasting coffee! The time has gone so quickly, and we have met many amazing people, hopefully, we have played a significant part in your own coffee experience and learning.

Bean Bros was founded with the vision to bring quality specialty coffee to homes around the world. This is completely inclusive, from beginner to industry professionals. Bean Bros is here for everyone and wants to make specialty coffee accessible to all, on whatever level you wish to enjoy it.

The idea for Bean Bros was formed as part of Viktor’s University thesis. Exploring a business idea that could connect people and share a passion. Bean Bros is more than a business and more than a cup of coffee. We are committed to quality, community, and experience.

This was not well received as a thesis, however, what really matters is whether this was something people wanted, and we are so happy to see that it is!

Right here, right now…

As we have grown and gained more experience, we have looked to update our service and the company. We are delighted with how things have evolved and happy with the feedback we get from our partners and subscribers.

You have hopefully noticed recently, our branding changes. It is really important for us to make sure that our branding reflects who we are and is something pleasing for you to receive and experience.

As we look to develop Bean Bros and grow into a lifestyle brand, the latest design and colors should help support us with that.

A lot of hard work has gone into bringing this to life. We wanted to create a clean and minimalistic feel that remained playful and fun. We do not take ourselves seriously, but in looking at how we present ourselves and our products, we like for you to be reassured that we take our work and service to you very seriously!

We hope that you see this and when you receive our packages, they bring you some joy as well as making you proud to be a part of what we do. We also hope you are happy to take photos and share your experience!

As we grow and develop, we remain true to why we started:

  • Make a real difference in the industry. 
  • Make coffee simple to understand and easy to enjoy. 
  • Be the number one coffee source for great taste, service, information, and experience. 

We have had the pleasure of working with so many great roasters and have shared a lot of amazing coffee! As it stands, we ship to 50 countries worldwide, making us a truly international community!

What we are really proud of the community we have built and all the great stuff we have been involved in. We love to meet our subscribers when we travel and have had the chance to enjoy some great Cafes and build long-lasting relationships with excellent roast partners.

Now it is time to look at how we want to further develop and build on the great foundations.

Looking forwards…

We love to try new things and test ourselves. We are always looking at ways to create the best experience or provide the best flavors. To date, we have worked with some excellent partners and this has helped us to achieve.

Logically, we what we want to do and our desire to keep growing and perfect our products, the next step is going to be getting even closer to the production. This is why we are proud to present to you the next step, the Bean Bros Coffee.

We have applied our experiences from the last few years and our ambitions and taste preferences, we continue to work with partners who have the highest standards and now we can finally exert more influence over how your coffee will taste and making sure you get the most out of the coffee beans!

We see this as a new offering and intend to provide it alongside our curated roaster experience. You will now have the chance to try our coffee, try coffee roasted by those we think are the best in the field or even a bit of both!

Bringing you our own beans also means we can have more flexibility with shipping. We will be looking to offer shipping dates every fortnight rather than only once a month. This way you get the best coffee, more regularly!

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