The Best Coffee Places in Copenhagen - 2022

Our guide to the Best Coffee Places in Copenhagen in 2022

April Coffee Store and Showroom - Copenhagen


Out of all the cities where you can head for an amazing cup of flawlessly prepared Specialty Coffee, Copenhagen is definitely on top of the list. Coffee culture is in this city as part of its DNA, and so there's no doubt that everyone will find their favourite spot.

The list of places could go on and on, and so we chose a few of our favourites, that are perfect for both, a quick stop for Italian espresso or a long talk with friends. The only mission has to be great coffee.

Darcys Kaffe Copenhagen

Darcy's Kaffee has quite the story - and it all started in a basement on Blågårdsgade. Thanks to the owner's innovative thinking and great taste in coffee, the café has grown by leaps and bounds. These days, you can find Darcy's Kaffee in the cozy Rantzausgade neighborhood, where it continues to serve up some of the best coffee in Copenhagen.

You can try a wide variety of beans from different roasters around the world, making Darcy's Kaffee the perfect place for coffee lovers of all types. They put a high emphasis on sourcing their coffee beans from different roasteries, so every time you walk in, you're guaranteed to find something new and exciting. Whether you're a regular or just passing through, make sure to drop by Darcy's Kaffee for an unforgettable coffee experience.

Rantzausgade 2, Copenhagen
Vesterbrogade 169, Frederiksberg

Those who love enjoying delicious baked goods with their coffee will be happy to know that Hart Bageri has not one but two locations in Copenhagen.

Perfect for a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon snack, Hart Bageri's freshly bakes pastries are sure to hit the spot. The amazing coffee experience is provided by Prolog, who are known for their delicious and sense-evoking variety in coffee.

The new location in Holmen is a mixture of bakery and bar, so you can enjoy a tasty treat with a glass of wine or beer. No matter what you're in the mood for, Hart Bageri is sure to have something that will tantalize your taste buds.

April Coffee Roasters, a concept that has been put together after years of experience in the Specialty Coffee industry.

April just recently opened its first store and showroom in a buzzing neighbourhood of Østerbro, a location that represents the diversity April brings into the coffee industry. 

April wants to interpret the spirit and vibes of Copenhagen into the unique roasts they produce. Among other products from their workshop, April has its own workwear capsule collection as well as brewing kit or coffee subscriptions. 

Moreover, stopping by their new showroom will definitely be worth your while because of the beautiful environment they created. The entire store is furnished and designed with Finn Juhl designs. The atmosphere of the city is visibly captured within April's charming showroom. So stop by for your next coffee and catch some of the newest tips from April Coffee experts.

April Coffee Store Copenhagen - Patrik Rolf

Definitely one of our personal favourite spots in Copenhagen, Democratic Coffee Bar is located in the heart of Copenhagen in a newly renovated building of the city library. This makes the café a perfect location for those of you who need to study, work or have a quick meeting while enjoying delicious coffee.
Except using their own coffee roast, Democratic Coffee from time to time enriches our experience with different specialty coffee roasts, just like Kopi from Sweden or Danish La Cabra.
And a delicious cup of coffee is not the only thing why it's worth the trip to Democratic Coffee. Their Danish will soothe your soul and a beautiful view of the busy streets of this pulsing city is a small but pleasant addition.

Democratic Coffee Bar - Copenhagen

Hidden in the less touristy, but beloved location by the locals, Prolog Coffee Bar can be found in the renowned Meat Packing District.
Prolog has everything you would expect from a specialty coffee place. Amazing coffee, a wide selection of coffee drinks and perfect service. Feeling welcomed is definitely of the things that make the coffee experience unforgettable and enjoyable in the first place.
And that's exactly what Prolog is: unforgettable! No wonder the locals love to hang out here. If you'd like to prolong your experience, you can choose from a variety of Prolog coffee roasts and bring the best of Copenhagen with you.
Prolog roast coffee bean from the best locations from around the world, from Rwanda, to Ethiopia and Costa Rica, and you can find roasts for both espresso and filter coffee with rich flavours such as dates, toffee, or red apple, fruity tones of raspberries and peach or oriental black tea and jasmine.


You've probably heard of it, and it's no coincidence. Coffee Collective, founded in 2007 by a trio of coffee fanatics, is one of the best coffee brands that came from Scandinavia.

The quality of the brand is not only reflected in their experienced staff, who holds a gold medal in both World Barista Championship and World Cup Tasting but in each cup of coffee they prepare.

Coffee Collective is a successful brand with five locations around Copenhagen, with their roastery located inside the Godthabsvej coffee shop. Now, it is no wonder that each location throughout the day transforms into one of the busiest spots in Copenhagen.

The delicious coffee and only good vibes is a killer combination and would be definitely a shame not to experience.

The Coffee Collective - Copenhagen


This excellent mother-daughter duo that easily became a heart of Christianshavn consists of the Michelin star restaurant 108 and The Corner, praised and popular coffee shop serving some of the best coffee drinks in town.

Just like the light food and desserts have to be excellent, being served in setup under the wings of one of the best restaurants in the world, The Corner's coffee is roasted by Tim Wendelboe, Oslo-based world champion barista, and an eminent coffee roaster. 

The coffee roasts vary depending on a season and since The Corner is all about precision and perfection in every single cup, their coffee is always freshly roasted and of the best origin.

The professional staff will prepare your perfect cup of coffee that you can enjoy with a wonderful view of Copenhagen canals and famous Nyhavn. The Corners is a perfect place to take your mind off any worries and just relax and enjoy your coffee. And if you stick around for the evening, The Corner turns into a wine bar by night.

The Corner - 108 - Coffee - Copenhagen


This tiny cosy location hides a gem of a coffee taste and preparation. If you know Copenhagen even a little bit, you know that sometimes the best places are very well hidden in this buzzing city. But each one of them is worth the search.

CUB Coffee Bar is no exception, mainly because of the stunning view of Copenhagen city centre with its numerous canals. Of course, if we don't count the coffee, which is always the number one reason to visit.

In perfect harmony with classic danish design and a cup of specialty coffee, this is a spot for those who need an occasional break from work and need to breathe some fresh scandic air.

CUB or Copenhagen Underground Brewers is a group of coffee professionals passionate about coffee and everything coffee related. They roast their bean in cooperation with yet another Scandinavian coffee giant, Copenhagen Coffee Lab. CUB's coffee roasts are rich in flavour, enhancing natural taste and aroma of the coffee beans.

Sonny is a representation of Scandinavian culture. With 90% of ingredients being organic, and full focus on a locally sourced and seasonal menu, this coffee shop is doing great in every aspect, not only coffee preparation.

But when it comes to coffee, Sonny likes to experiment and discover new roasteries to support, once again, with a focus on domestic production. Every season, they look for top Danish roasteries and currently, they landed on La Cabra. 

La Cabra started small, as a group of coffee enthusiasts roasting coffee in Aarhus, Denmark. But soon, thanks to the passion a time they invested in the craft, they worked their way up and now belong to top coffee roasters in Europe.

Overall amazing space, Sonny is now expanding into a creative space called Times. So, you will be able to enjoy your coffee in a company of even more people, in a community space also serving as Sonny's experimental kitchen.

Sonny Coffee shop copenhagen


Even though a fairly new concept, Andersen & Maillard very quickly became one of the most popular spaces in a busy neighbourhood of Nørrebro. With an open roastery right in the middle of the coffee shop and the same bakery concept, Andersen & Maillard is changing the transparency game for the gastro industry.

The professional approach towards customers is a reflection of how they value your appreciation of their constant love for coffee and commitment to the craft. If you pay them a visit, definitely try their AeroPress coffee. Andersen & Maillard holds Danish AeroPress Championship win several years in a row.

Their very own roasts are of a rich and sweet taste, and so perfect, that they are literally worth putting on everything! Andersen & Maillard's renowned pastry chef Milton Abel creates heaven in a form of espresso glazed croissants.

Andersen and Maillard Copenhagen


The undeniable support that coffee culture receives in Copenhagen, from loyal customers, tourists and fellow coffee roasters supporting each other, is at the helm for turning this city into a hotspot on a map of any coffee enthusiast.

Specialty coffee is a craft only a few manage to master, but it seems like coffee roasters and baristas in Copenhagen found that magic trick.

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  • Adam L

    Check out Darcy’s – a lovely coffee place (with great pastry, cakes and sandwiches) and a lovely variety of coffee beans to buy in the store!

    Darcy’s Kaffe
    Rantzausgade 2, 2200 København N

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