Guatemala - Juan Diego De La Cerda - Bean Bros.
Guatemala - Juan Diego De La Cerda - Bean Bros.
Guatemala - Juan Diego De La Cerda - Bean Bros.
Guatemala - Juan Diego De La Cerda - Bean Bros.
Guatemala - Juan Diego De La Cerda - Bean Bros.
Guatemala - Juan Diego De La Cerda - Bean Bros.
Guatemala - Juan Diego De La Cerda - Bean Bros.

Guatemala - Juan Diego De La Cerda

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Specialty Coffee From Guatemala - El Socorro Farm

If you're looking for an exceptional cup of coffee from Guatemala, then you can't go wrong with the Washed Bourbon coffee from El Socorro farm. This unique hybrid varietal produces a rich and complex flavor with a smooth body and subtle chocolate flavour.

El Socorro Farm, with its dedication to quality and sustainability, stands as a testament to the rich coffee heritage of Palencia and Guatemala as a whole. The beans produced here are not just a beverage but a journey – a journey that takes you through the lush landscapes of Palencia, introducing you to the rich tapestry of flavors that the region has to offer. 

Farm: El Socorro Farm
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1860 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: 2022
Taste notes: Brown Sugar, Melone, Nougat, Milk Chocolate
Roast Profile: Light / Medium. A balanced flavor profile creates a rich and sweet character that goes well for filter or espresso brewing.
Roasting Schedule: Coffee orders placed online are roasted on a weekly basis. 
Region Overview: Palencia, nestled in the heart of Guatemala, is a region renowned for its fertile soils, high altitudes, and consistent rainfall. These unique geographical and climatic conditions make it an ideal location for coffee cultivation. The region's rich volcanic soil, combined with its temperate climate, allows for the growth of coffee beans that are both rich in flavor and aroma.

El Socorro Farm: El Socorro Farm stands out as one of the premier coffee-producing estates in Palencia. The farm's commitment to sustainable farming practices, combined with its meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the coffee production process, ensures that the beans produced here are of the highest quality.

One of the standout features of El Socorro is its dedication to cultivating a diverse range of coffee varietals. This commitment to diversity not only ensures the sustainability of the farm but also allows for a rich tapestry of flavors and aromas to be developed in the beans.

Varietals: While Guatemala is home to a plethora of coffee varietals, El Socorro Farm is particularly known for cultivating some of the most sought-after ones. These include the likes of Bourbon, Caturra, and the exotic Geisha. Each varietal brings its own unique flavor profile, adding depth and complexity to the coffee.

Taste Notes: Coffee from El Socorro Farm is a true reflection of the terroir of Palencia. When brewed, one can expect a delightful symphony of flavors:

  • Brown Sugar: A deep, molasses-like sweetness that provides a robust foundation to the coffee's flavor profile.

  • Melon: This note introduces a refreshing, fruity undertone, reminiscent of a ripe cantaloupe or honeydew, adding a layer of brightness to the cup.

  • Nougat: A creamy, nutty finish that lingers on the palate, reminiscent of a soft candy bar, providing a smooth and velvety end to each sip.

RECIPE: For Kalita wave / April brever (155 size)

  • 18g of ground coffee to 288g water
  • Medium coars grind
  • 92-94°C brew water
  • Rinse the filter, throw away the rinse water, and then preheat the brewer and server
  • Bloom using 1:3 ratio or ~56g water for 35s
  • 2nd pour using slow and gentle circular pour up to 120g
  • 3rd pour using gentle centre pour up to 200g
  • 4th and final pour using slow and gentle circular pour up to 288g
  • Total brewing time ~2:30-2:40
  • Adjust grind and water temp depending on the coffee type, roast, and your tastes.

About the farm El Soccoro:

The history of the El Socorro farm dates back to the nineteenth century. In that time, the farm was owned by various people. In 1905, Antonio Lopez Colom purchased the farm. He passed it on to his son, Juan Diego Colom. Since then, the family has grown phenomenal coffees and have earned several awards for their quality.

Finca El Socorro is located in Palencia, Guatemala. It is situated on a mountain and is surrounded by a natural forest reserve. A large part of the farm is dedicated to coffee production. Despite this, the farm is still working on expanding its coffee production.

Various types of Coffees from the El Socorro farm have consistently been in the top five of Cup of Excellence competitions. It's also a favorite among customers. For the past 15 years, the farm has been growing the unique varietal. After receiving 16 seeds from Anacafe, the farm began planting the new variety on their farm.

The El Socorro farm uses many advanced processing techniques to produce the highest quality coffee. They depulp the coffee, fully wash and dry them on raised beds and then recycle the water. Other methods used include mechanical driers and African-style raised beds. These techniques allow the cherries ample exposure to the sun and wind.

El Socorro is an award-winning farm and has won eight Cup of Excellence awards in the last twelve years. Known for its high-quality production, it has become a staple of Specialty Coffee from Guatemala.
With such a reputation, it's no wonder that Finca El Socorro has been highly decorated for its coffee. The farm is working to improve the patio drying and milling system, and increase their production. The future is bright for the El Socorro farm.

As a fun specialty coffee company, we are proud to say that Beanbros is for everyone! We live and breathe by that statement. Whoever you are and wherever you are, we are excited to have you try our exquisite Beanbros Coffee. Whether you are a beginner, an industry professional, or somewhere in between, we very much mean it when we say 'welcome to the gang'!

We have been around since 2017, and as you evolve, so do we. In 2020 we celebrated a significant milestone with our very own Beanbros Coffee launch. We are super excited to invite you to try our favourite bean on the market!

Over the past few years, we've been lucky enough to work with coffee farmers worldwide and understand the art behind a good cup of coffee. Bringing together the knowledge we've acquired, we've created our own coffee.

We buy the green beans directly from the farmers and roast them to our exact tastes and your tasting pleasure. This is a curated coffee bean experience!

Today Beanbros brings specialty coffee to homes around the world. But we are also more than just a cup of coffee. Our commitment to quality, community and a fulfilling experience is fierce.

On that note, have a look at how we are making a difference in the industry. Join us on the journey as we aim to make coffee easy to understand and even easier to enjoy. Because let's be honest: coffee doesn't have to be rocket science. But it kinda is. But it's not!


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Always excellent coffee and great service. The luxury of receiving wonderful new tastes every month is priceless!

Torben Andersen
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Bean Bros.' monthly selection of beans results in the best taste + quality of coffee one can drink. They are doing an amazing work!

Sylva Bocsa
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I really loved my Bean Bros package. It was carefully wrapped and came all away to Cyprus in great condition.I bought a "Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder - Silver without Scale - WSFB-100S" as a Christmas gift for my brother. I'm sure he will love it. I'd surely recommend your website to a friend.

Stella Panayi
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I had a very positive experience with Bean Bros. They immediately answered on all my questions and the shipping was very fast and the items well packed. The Varia Aku scale is very well made, has simple and fast settings and doesn’t rattle on the drip tray. Highly recommend.

Review from Trustpilot

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