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Wilfa Precision coffee brewer

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Wilfa Precision automatic filter coffee brewer - Wilfa Precision


The Wilfa Precision designed for the serious coffee drinker and has some amazing features not found on any other automatic filter brewing machine. We've tested the Wilfa Precision automatic filter coffee brewer extensively in a different home and office environment and it's the perfect filter coffee machine for making batches of 250ml up to 1.25L.

Some of the key features of the Wilfa Precision automatic filter coffee brewer include:

  • Detachable water tank - easy to fill and keep clean
  • Coffee ratio and recipe indicators on the water container
  • Variable flow control - this feature allows you to brew coffee either as immersion or drip! It also allows you to brew variable amounts of coffee without having to worry too much about the grind setting
  • Outstanding temperature stability
  • Perfect when paired with the Wilfa Svart grinder