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Kirinyaga - Kenya AA


In the heart of Mount Kenya National Park lies Kirinyaga Country, mountainous region where origins one of the best coffee variety. This region is significant for its rich volcanic soil and altitudes from 1300-1900 m above sea level

All of these factors combine in delicious coffee beans and create specifically tasteful Kenyan coffee. Full of sweet complex flavours, lively acidity and rich velvet body, Kirinyaga-Kenya AA is a delicious filter coffee with sweet flavours of berries, orange blossoms and maple syrup, specific for its intense aroma and balanced aftertaste. Kirinyaga coffees are some of the most popular, but at the same time, some of the most unique since this region is known for a high percentage of smallholder producers.

Considering that most of the small to medium farms in the region don't own their own equipment, co-op member farmers utilize it for those in need, creating a unique system typical for Kenya's produce. Due to this traditional auction system, higher quality is rewarded with higher prices, which encourages excellence in both cultivation and final produce. 

Location: Kiambu, Mount Kenya

Producer: smallholder producers

Varietal: SL28, SL34

Growing Altitude: 2000 meter

Processing Method: Washed

Flavour Notes: Wild Berries,Brown Sugar, Cocoa

Harvest: 2020

Roast Profile: Medium. Balanced flavor profile creating a rich and sweet characte that goes well for filter or espresso brewing.


Kenyan coffee production has a particular role in employment and production of the country. Over 6 million people are directly or indirectly employed in the coffee industry. No wonder, since Kenya has one of the best conditions and climates for coffee plantations. 

The central regions around Mount Kenya National Park are some of the best coffee regions in the world. Known for its red volcanic soil and the perfect amount of sunlight and rainfall, these high plateau regions brought together the best coffee farmers, just like Rung'eto Farmers Co-operative Society where also belongs our Kirinyaga Region coffee.

Kenyan coffee is slightly similar to Colombian, with intense flavours, full body and pleasant aromas of cocoa. Despite neighbouring with Ethiopia, which is believed to be the origin country of coffee production, Kenya didn't experience its coffee-growing beginnings until the late 19th century, when French priests brought coffee trees from Reunion Island.


Use a 1:16.1 brew ratio using the V60 brewer or similar for a clean and transparent yet rich brew. When working with our coffee, we recommend experimenting with a coarser grind than you may usually use rather than a traditionally finer filter grind setting.

We begin our brews with a blooming process, which indicates saturating your dry grounds with brew water, in this case, roughly twice the volume of the dry dose. We are not agitating the grinds but resting the bloom for 40 seconds from the initial pour.

After the bloom stage of the brew is complete
(the 40s), begin to pour once again while agitating the coffee grinds, pouring in clockwise circular motion, and creating turbulence within the brewer. This will help to increase the strength of your brew, and this method pairs well with the coarser grind setting mentioned earlier.

Pour in intervals, with a maximum of 6 pulses per recipe. Calculate the appropriate amount of brew water for each pulse pour for the size of your brew, and maintain consistently timed pours and intervals.

For example, a recipe with an 18g dry dose and 300g of brew water would require pours of 50g of brew water per pulse pour, with an appropriate pulse pour 30 seconds (Bloom, 0:40, 1:10, 1:40, 2:10, 2:40).

Brew with a water temperature at 93’C degrees and attempt to find a water with
a total hardness of around 100 ppm. This should equate to a deliciously juicy and clean cup of coffee, with vibrant acidity as well as a rich sweetness and silken body.