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Colombia - Huila

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With rich notes of Green Apple and Peach, our Colombain coffee beans from the Huila region are perfect for those after a delicate, yet sweetly acidic cup. Some of their acidity is down to them being of Bourbon varietal, a special hybrid coffee bean characterized by its bright, tropical fruit notes. 

To deliver the crispest and sweet tasting profiles, the coffee beans go through a honey process where the coffee cherries are picked and sorted, have their skins and pulps removed, but are dried without washing off the sweet outer layer of the fruit. Since honey process beans spend less time in the water than washed beans do, less fermentation occurs, so not as much of the sugar in the bean is converted to acid.

Huila is Colombia’s most active coffee farming region and produces coffee beans which are amongst the highest quality in the world. The region has even received Denomination of Origin status. This certification recognises that the beans have characteristics which are unique and location-specific - champagne is another bearer of this status. So, for an extraordinary coffee tasting experience, brew yourself a cup with our stunning Huila beans. 


Medium Roast Coffee from Colombia

Origin: Colombia
Location: Huila
Varietal: Honey Colombia
Elevation: 1750 meter
Harvest: 2020
Flavor notes: Green Apple, Bergamot, Peach


Colombian coffee beans are amongst the most sought after coffee beans in the world. They’re famous for their mellow acidity and strong caramel sweetness, blending to form the ultimate, balanced flavour profile. We can thank Colmbia’s higher altitude for their beans’ rich and complex taste. In fact, the country’s climate conditions are ideal for growing coffee.

Another reason why Colombian coffees are of such high quality is that they’re generally picked by hand. Although this process is more labour intensive than mechanised farming, it means that the ideal coffee cherry is picked every time, leaving unripe or gone-off beans on the coffee trees. This helps create a more unified, consistent taste. 

Colombia also has 100% arabica status, meaning that no other coffee type is grown there. Therefore, you can expect sweet, lighter tasting profiles from every one of the coffees grown in the country. We love their sweet, medium-bodied beans.


For Kalita wave / Tsubame (155 size)

  • 18g of ground coffee to 288g water
  • Medium fine grind
  • 93-95°C brew water
  1. Rinse the filter, throw away the rinse water, and then preheat the brewer and server
  2. Bloom using 1:3 ratio or ~56g water for 35s
  3. 2nd pour using slow and gentle circular pour up to 120g
  4. 3rd pour using gentle centre pour up to 200g
  5. 4th and final pour using slow and gentle circular pour up to 288g
  6. Total brewing time ~2:30-2:40

Adjust grind and water temp depending on the coffee type, roast, and your tastes.