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Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister - 0.7 Liter - Matte Black Steel

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The best solution for keeping your coffee fresh

The biggest worry of every coffee enthusiast is to store the freshly roasted coffee beans properly, to maintain their freshness, aroma and ultimately the unique coffee taste. Fellow is known to produce amazing coffee equipment, tailored to achieve perfection throughout any coffee preparation process.

And their coffee storing methods are no exception. Fellow recently introduced Atmos Vacuum Canisters, containers specifically designed to keep your coffee beans stored at optimal conditions.

Oxygen causes coffee beans to decay, so to avoid complicated storing methods, we bring you Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister that prolongs the freshness of your coffee beans by 50% compared to regular shelf storing. 

The lid sucks the air out of the container to prevent oxidation and protects your coffee from moisture, odours and ageing. You can open the canister by simply pushing the release button on top of the lid, and once you're done, twist the lid back on.

Moreover, with Bean Bros, you can choose from two impeccable designs, matte black steel or clear glass. The glass design is perfect if you enjoy the transparent look, plus it makes a perfect home decor for your kitchen. Upgrading to a matte black design will prevent your coffee from getting disrupted by direct sunlight. And the 1.2-litre capacity allows you to store the whole package at once.

  • Made of borosilicate glass or 304 18/8 matte black stainless steel and food-safe plastic
  • 0.7 L canister holds up to 350 gr of coffee beans
  • Dimensions
  • Integrated pump
  • Vacuum lock indicator - When the vacuum is locked, a green ring appears on the indicator.
  • Easy release button - To unlock the container, just press one button.
  • Airtight silicone seal - Stops air, moisture, and odours.


- Do not place Atmos upside down while storing content inside
- Hand wash only. Atmos is not dishwasher safe.


How to clean the Atmos Vacuum Canister?

The canisters are not safe for dishwasher use. The integrated vacuum pump may lose some of its properties once exposed to hot water and pressure of a dishwasher. Therefore, the safest option id to clean the canister with lukewarm water. It's okay to use regular dish soap for a thorough clean.

Cleaning the canister before storing a new bag of coffee will not only prolong the canister lifespan, but also ensure that the different coffee tastes and aromas won't mix up and ruin your coffee experience.

How to use the Atmos Vacuum Canister?

To avoid any unnecessary damage to the canister, don't place it into a dishwasher, microwave or regular oven. 

The user manual for the Atmos Vacuum Canister could not be simpler. Fill the canister, then twist the lid on to extract the air from inside and keep in upwards position at a place out of direct sunlight, in case you are using the clear glass canister.

To open the canister, push the button on top to release the air pressure and enjoy your fresh cup of coffee!