Option - O - LAGOM mini - Silver - Bean Bros.
Option - O - LAGOM mini - Silver - Bean Bros.
Option - O - LAGOM mini - Silver - Bean Bros.
Option - O - LAGOM mini - Silver - Bean Bros.
Option - O - LAGOM mini - Silver - Bean Bros.
Option - O - LAGOM mini - Silver - Bean Bros.
Option - O - LAGOM mini - Silver - Bean Bros.

Option - O - LAGOM mini - Silver

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Meet the LAGOM Mini: Your Coffee's New Best Friend!

Pre order - Dispatch in September 2023

Ever thought your coffee beans deserved a little luxury? Enter the LAGOM Mini, the most compact electric coffee grinder. Born to dazzle, this grinder isn't just about looks—it's packed with features that'll make your coffee beans sing!

Why the LAGOM Mini Rocks:

  • Compact & Lightweight: Perfect for your kitchen counter, travel, or even those impromptu coffee picnics.
  • Sleek Design: CNC-machined and anodized for that premium, shiny finish. Plus, it's maintenance-free!
  • Magnet Magic: An ergonomic ground transfer cup that's magnetized. Position it perfectly every time, and say goodbye to spills.
  • Freshness First: A low/zero retention design ensures only the freshest coffee graces your cup.
  • Powerful Burrs: It comes with 48mm Moonshine Burrs ready to tackle any bean you throw at them.

Tech Talk:

  • Stepless Grind Setting: Because your coffee deserves precision.
  • Capacity: Holds about 35gr
  • Size Matters: Dimensions are 65 × 95× 240 mm.
  • Light as a Feather: Weighs just 1.5 kg.
  • Motor Magic: A DC motor that's rated for >600 hours. That's a lot of coffee!
  • Speedy Gonzalez: Grinds about 18g for a V60 in just 22-30 seconds.

A Little Extra: Thinking of traveling with your LAGOM Mini? We've got a custom-made carrying case just for it. And if you bundle up, you'll save on shipping. Win-win!


Stepless grind setting adjustment
Grinder capacity: Approx. 35g depending on roast levels
Dimensions (W×H×D): 65 × 95× 240 mm
Net weight: 1.5 kg net
Motor: DC motor, rated for >600 hours (or >1,200 kg coffee at filter grind setting)
Grind time: approx 22-30s for 18g V60 grind


We ship freshly roasted speciality coffee worldwide. 

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What our customers say


Always excellent coffee and great service. The luxury of receiving wonderful new tastes every month is priceless!

Torben Andersen
Review from FB

Bean Bros.' monthly selection of beans results in the best taste + quality of coffee one can drink. They are doing an amazing work!

Sylva Bocsa
Review from FB

I really loved my Bean Bros package. It was carefully wrapped and came all away to Cyprus in great condition.I bought a "Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder - Silver without Scale - WSFB-100S" as a Christmas gift for my brother. I'm sure he will love it. I'd surely recommend your website to a friend.

Stella Panayi
Review from Trustpilot

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