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Bean Bros Coffee - Specialty Coffee Monthly Subscription (Filter)

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After years of expertise in the coffee industry, we’ve researched, experimented, deliberated, and produced our very own coffee roast!

This is Bean Bros Coffee, brought to you in a monthly subscription package. You can rely on us for exciting varieties of specialty coffee, curated to show off the best the coffee industry has to offer. Whether you’re just starting out or think of yourself as a connoisseur, anyone can appreciate the passion which goes into our coffee roast. 

The Bean Bros Coffee Subscription is shipped from Copenhagen, fresh from roasting. You can select how many 250g bags you would like monthly. The contents of your subscription box changes so you get to sample the breadth of our coffee roasts.  

Our coffees are always fresh from harvest and roasting, meaning they have the finest taste possible. Filter coffee is also the best way to appreciate the flavour profile of the coffee beans. Therefore, with this subscription, you’re truly able to taste where our coffee beans are from and the expert roasting process they’ve been through.

  • Monthly subscription package shipped from Copenhagen.
  • Set up a subscription so designated number of bags arrive at your door each month
  • 250g bags of filter coffee
  • Contents of subscription changes each month, alternating between different beans and roasts, all curated by us
  • Coffee always fresh from harvest and roasting
  • Features a variety of coffees for several months before we move into new season of coffee beans

How do Bean Bros choose which beans to bring to you?

We choose the coffee beans based on the flavour profiles and tasting experiences we believe are at the forefront of the coffee industry. CSR policies and ethical sourcing also play a large part too. We’re invested in the stories of each of our coffee growers and want to give you a traceable coffee experience, from the coffee plant all the way to your freshly brewed cup. 

What are some examples of coffee beans included in the Bean Bros coffee subscription?

There are a number of coffees which have already been part of our subscription package. We roasted Ethiopian filter coffee from the Guji zone which has complex yet balanced flavours of earl grey and peach. Another example is our Kenyan Gatomboya AA roast, grown near the foothills of Mount Kenya. This coffee bean is known for its berry notes - an intense coffee with a lot of flavour.