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Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder - Silver without Scale

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Stainless steel flat burrs and streamlined functionality - a coffee grinder of unrivalled quality

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A consistent grind is the first step to a brilliant cup of coffee. This is a fact that Wilfa knows well! Yet again, they’ve produced an unrivalled coffee grinder, this time with the help of world-renowned barista Tim Wendelboe. 

When Wilfa asked Tim what he thought was essential for an at-home grinder, Tim’s reply was simple. For Tim, flat burrs and an on/off button were at the top of his wish list. With Tim’s help, Wilfa developed this outstanding machine which prioritises high-quality materials and ease of use. The results are brilliant.

To begin, the Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder has 41 different grind settings, putting its stainless steel flat burrs to good use. Therefore, it can grind for anything between espresso coffee to French press. Choosing between the different settings is easy too - you simply twist the hopper to whichever grind setting you’d like. 

The on/off button is another brilliant feature. It means that you can set your beans to grind and leave them to it. The burrs simply stop grinding when there are no beans left. There’s no need to set a series of timers or mull around the coffee grinder whilst it’s on. It really is designed to make your coffee routine that bit simpler. 

If you’d like to hear from the man himself, take a look at Tim Wendelboe’s video describing the grinder’s range of functionality.

Please note: This product has a European style electric plug and uses 230V AC power. (Plug type: CEE 7/7, Type E (Schuko) / Type F compatible, or Europlug).

  • 230 - 240V EU two pin plug
  • Stainless steel 58mm wide flat burrs which are made in Italy
  • 41 individual grind settings for the ultimate precision grind
  • High-quality body made from steel and polycarbonate with a silver finish
  • Grounds container is anti-static, boosting ease of use
  • Low grind retention of less than 1g
  • 75g bean hopper
  • Wilfa Svart mobile app to provide specific brewing tips
  • 2 year warranty

How do I choose between the 41 grind settings?

On the grinder, there are small markings and suggestions of different coffee types which suit that grind size. They can be a really useful measure to experiment with, working out if the suggestions suit your tastes. There is also a dedicated mobile app by Wilfa Svart which runs through brewing tips from Tim Wendelboe himself. Download it for some brilliant advice to get you started with your Wilfa Uniform. 

How is this model different from the other Wilfa grinders?

We also stock the Wilfa Uniform Grinder in black. That is a more expensive model as it also has a scale built-in to the lid of the grinder. There is also the Wilfa Svart Aroma grinder which has five different grind settings and an integrated timer so you know when to switch it off. Naturally, the Uniform grinder is a higher range product.