Coffee electric grinder Il Solito “CG-110B” - Bean Bros.
Coffee electric grinder Il Solito “CG-110B” - Bean Bros.
Coffee electric grinder Il Solito “CG-110B” - Bean Bros.
Coffee electric grinder Il Solito “CG-110B” - Bean Bros.

Wilfa Il Solito Electric Coffee Grinder

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Wilfa is already well known for its exceptional coffee equipment. Now they are bringing you their top-of-the-class Il Solito Electric Coffee Grinder to reanimate your kitchenware and change the way you enjoy your coffee.

This professional coffee grinder is perfect for your home coffee setup and here are several reasons why. Whether you have a busy morning or just want to host your company with a great cup of coffee, Il Solito has got you covered!

With the capacity of 2 up to 12 cups of coffee, this electric grinder can cover your coffee needs throughout the entire day. Moreover, the easy setting gives you an option to not only choose the specific type of grind, from fine to coarse but also set up the time for grinding.

So whether you enjoy a strong morning espresso or you prefer mild coffee variations like French Press or Pour-Over, grinding with Il Solito will get you there efficiently and with great quality, choosing from 17 grinding settings. Il Solito will turn your morning routine into a quicker, better and more enjoyable experience.

Furthermore, with the auto-stop function, your grinder knows exactly when the last bean has been ground and automatically shuts itself off. So no more annoying noises that could destroy your morning.

The beautiful matte black design distinguished by its transparent elements, like upper bean container and container for ground coffee, is setting this electric grinder apart from other similar products on the market. Il Solito was made for your coffee station!

  • Power 110W
  • Weight 1,9 kg
  • Dimensions 22cm x 16,8cm x 27,5cm
  • Ideal coffee weight 180g
  • Capacity 2-12 cups
  • Coarse to fine grind
  • Auto-Stop function
  • Cable storage

How to clean Wilfa Il Solito Electric Coffee Grinder?

Like any other electric grinder, Il Solito also needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep its original properties and to work smoothly for as long as possible. Part of your Il Solito is a small brush. It is meant for regular cleaning of your grinder after each use, removing the big visible residue from the surfaces.

For more in-depth cleaning, run your grinder empty (without coffee beans) before dismantling it. Then separate the removable parts from the body and wash them with mild dish cleaning soap and a soft cloth. 

Before cleaning the burrs, unplug the grinder. The burrs can be once again cleaned with the brush and dry cloth to absorb any residue oils from the coffee beans. You can buy grinder cleaning tablets to clean the body and burrs, but don't use water to clean the inner parts of your grinder. 

Once you are done with the burrs and all the parts are dry, reassemble your grinder to the original set up.

Is an electric coffee grinder better than a manual coffee grinder?

Well, that depends on a preference you have, but we can say with certainty that it is more practical. Especially if you are preparing coffee for more than yourself.

Manual coffee grinders are great if you know your way around coffee and know how the settings to get that perfect grind. But when you are starting with coffee it is better to get an electric coffee grinder that will do the work for you.

On our website, you can have a look around both electric grinders (Wilfa or Fellow) and manual ones (Hario or Comandante), all in amazing designs and professional quality.


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Always excellent coffee and great service. The luxury of receiving wonderful new tastes every month is priceless!

Torben Andersen
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Bean Bros.' monthly selection of beans results in the best taste + quality of coffee one can drink. They are doing an amazing work!

Sylva Bocsa
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I really loved my Bean Bros package. It was carefully wrapped and came all away to Cyprus in great condition.I bought a "Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder - Silver without Scale - WSFB-100S" as a Christmas gift for my brother. I'm sure he will love it. I'd surely recommend your website to a friend.

Stella Panayi
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I had a very positive experience with Bean Bros. They immediately answered on all my questions and the shipping was very fast and the items well packed. The Varia Aku scale is very well made, has simple and fast settings and doesn’t rattle on the drip tray. Highly recommend.

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